Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Jonathan Huberdeau Bought A Suite For The Season So Disadvantaged Kids Can See Flames Games; John Rat Boy Is Still A Rat (Also Undersized)

 I've been a Flames season ticket holder coming up to a decade now and I don't remember John Rat Boy doing anything like this. I remember when he said he was going to do something nice for the city of Calgary and it turned out to be a ghost written article in the Players Tribune. But buying a whole suite for the year to give away the tickets to hard up kids? No, don't recall. 

Our Jonathan Hockey, however, did so. Because he is a swell guy. 

Remember when Turek (RTPIC RIP) bought a bunch of handicapped kids tickets at the 'dome before giving back a bunch of his salary and retiring? Reminds me of that. Jonathan is mensch. The French one. Not the jersey trash rat boy.