Saturday, April 18, 2015

Second Look At McGrattan?

If Hartley wants to go beefy, I think you go with Bollig/Shore/McGrattan. I don't know if it's possible to play this combination of players, what with McGrattan not being, you know, on the NHL roster. But if it is, and you want beef, that's a good place to start. Hartley is already showing an unwillingness to play his fourth line very much, so I don't know if I'm too worried about them burning us by playing them. More of a deterrent.

Of course, to do that, you'd have to sit some players who are better at playing hockey than the aforementioned are. But if Hartley is in the school of thought that the games are going to get less pretty and more heavy, and is eager to sacrifice skill to play size, then I'd expect to see something like that.

Myself? I'm not so sure. I'd definitely sit Bollig for McGrattan (again, if that's even allowable under the rules) if I was looking for a bit of a 'cheaper' nuclear option. I think, perhaps strangely, the presence of a vet like McGrattan, who enforcers the game the right way, would calm both sides down moreso than Bollig's presence has.

But I don't know if I'm looking for a nuclear option. If I was Hartley, I just might take Bieksa's advice and play Raymond. Vancouver is playing all their lines. And our team has injuries. Or at the very least our top skill guys are playing more hesitantly than they have before. We need as many guys in the lineup who can potentially put the puck in the net or make and accept a pass as possible, if you ask me.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Story About Our Loveable Flames

A client came in and had a story about the Flames which I thought was cute so I am going to share it.

So it turns out Jarome Iginla fought... naw I'm just playing.

The story is about the current crop of characters,

The client's friend took a trip down south. I forget the city now, to be honest. It's not important. The client's friend took his kid with him. He pulls some strings and he gets it arranged for Gaudreau to sign his kids jersey after the game.

So game ends and homie goes down into the bowels of whatever arena they were in, and homie and his kid are waiting for Gaudreau to come out and sign the jersey. The locker room door opens up, Gaudreau comes out, and he starts to sign the kids jersey.

"What the hell are you doing? I was the first star of the game, not him. You want my autograph, kid, not his."

It's Hudler talking junk! He's talking junk on Gaudreau! They like each other!

Anyway, Hudler invites the kid in, and, according to the client (I have no idea) Hudler gives the kid a jersey, and then signs it. And then Monahan sees the commotion, and he starts chirping Hudler. "You wouldn't be the first star if I didn't do all the work. Kid, you want my autograph!" And then he apparently gives the kid a signed jersey as well.

(I suspect they all just signed the one jersey and the story has been embellished but I don't know and frankly it's not important why am I quibbling on this detail?)

So the kid was in boner city, I imagine, what with the good players on the team making a big deal about getting to sign his jersey. I know I would be and I'm old, not eight like the kid was.

Super cute, right? Anyway, that's the story.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Raw: Who Acquired Who?


I mucked that list up pretty bad because I don't know July comes before December. Other than that, the story was accurate. 

I learned how a calendar works, and I have updated the list accordingly. This one should be better. 

Just a quick look at who acquired the current team:

I have a funny way of spelling "Weisbrod"

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Friday, April 10, 2015



Pretty neat.

Rough count of career years:

Hudler, Wideman, Gio, TJ, Russell, Bouma, and Ramo.

Seven guys had their best season (based on points and sv% in Ramo's case) ever this year.

How did the Flames make the playoffs? A huge portion of the roster had career years.

Rookies and the rookie-ish. Ortio comes in and has a .931 sv% when we called on him to play. Goes 4 - 1. A 'Saves the season' type of performance. Gaudreau comes in and puts up 61 points (so far). Monahan puts up 62 in his second year. Even Granlund contributed, relative to expectations.

How did the Flames make the playoffs? Significant contributions from young players.

Having the favour of the hockey gods doesn't hurt either. All the come from behind of destiny stuff. Who knows if it will continue.

But... We have decent goaltending. We have some skilled forwards. On paper, our PP should do well. We don't take a lot of penalties. You never know.

Vancouver is under water during 5 - 5 play, a minus nine. Flames are plus two. So, again, you never know.

I've been with this team for a while now. I can't go against them now. I do think they will beat Vancouver, but it's based on faith more than anything. And honestly, Vancouver, looking at the stats, isn't that much more impressive. It's not like we are playing the Blues. Flames and Canucks are two close teams. And we've gotten bounces all year.

It's going to be fun, either way.

So Hudler scores the empty net goal. I am up in the 300 sections. Hudler scores the goal, and everyone jumps up and starts cheering.

Some jackalope 5 rows above me decides (is drunk? got pushed?) to, literally, belly flop onto the people the row in front of him. Which causes a human dominoes chain, maybe seven rows are involved. Just a mess of flopped people. Luckily I wasn't caught up in it.

Kinda funny.

Where can a brother get a car flag in this town?

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Monday, April 6, 2015

I Have Nothing To Say But I Wanted To Post A Picture Of A Girl In Knee High Socks

Eh, why lie?

I mean, I guess there is shit to talk about. Are they gonna play Bennett? Why won't they play player X over player Y? Why did no one in Ricco's Roughnecks shoot the alien bug creature behind Diz even though they clearly should have been prepared to shoot the bug alien because they had just shot 50,000 thousand of them?

Oh, and there is some stadium, or something, they are going to build? And this little playoff run, I guess.

So I mean, yes, there is shit to talk about. And actually, lots of shit to talk about. Content, content, content.

But, I don't know. The season is too long and it's snowing, and my cousin was in all weekend so I had to fake being a human being and...I'm just not in the mood right now.

Anyway, Playboy has a gallery of girls in glasses

They are wearing clothes and shit. The world aignt what it used to be, lemme tell yeah. I miss Reagan's America: Transformers cartoons that didn't suck, and Freedom.

Anyway, the picture I like is below the fold.

I took my cousin out shooting on Saturday. He had never been.

I own one of those machines that throws the clay dove for you, but I never use it. I always use the hand thing.

Now, I always throw out as opposed to across. IE: I throw the clay so it flies away from the shooter, not across the shooters line of site.

So I'm standing next to the shooter as I'm throwing clays. This is a big no no. You are supposed to stand behind the shooter off to the side.

Vets can figure out what happens next.

I throw the clay, it doesn't release when it should, and I fling it right smack into my cousins head.

Furthermore, I think Peter Lounardias should be fired.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Your Shiny New Malinvestment

New shiny stadium.

The sparse details:


Stuff I noticed:

" [Calgary Multisport Fieldhouse Society] has been working with the city’s recreation department on a $202-million, publicly-funded development at Foothills Athletic Park, just north of McMahon Stadium. In February, city staff ranked it at the top of the city’s unfunded infrastructure projects. "


" Several councillors have said they’d be open to giving the Flames free land for a new arena..."

Hey why not both!

That land that the city wants to give away for 'free' was paid for by...the city (aka property owners). The paper says a section of the land cost them $40 million. I do not know what the full parcel cost the city (aka those of us who pay property tax) to acquire.


Nenshi, the great civic vanguard against waste (dies laughing) is already appearing to flip on his earlier stance on public funding for the stadium. It has gone from 'I'm not giving them any money' to, and this is a quote: “Whatever solution we end up with is a solution we’ll get with great respect for one another and figuring out together what’s best for the community,”

And he apparently said in a Q&A forum that: "it (the stadium) must have some public benefit if it’s to garner public funding."

If. Lulz. If.

Look, this is stupid. Here is the funding model the taxpayers should be demanding.

1: City has the ability to borrow at lower rates than most.
2: City gets a loan at the current (negative? lol) low interest rates. From the BoC!
3: City then loans the Flames money at a low interest rate. (Let's say the city gets the loan for 1%, then they turn around and loan it to the Flames at 1.05%.)
4: Flames take the money they were loaned, and then buy the land they want to put the stadium on from the city.
5: Flames then pay for the construction of the stadium. These funds would be from the loan. (IE the city gets enough of a loan to pay for the land and the stadium construction).

I mean, it's still corporate welfare, but at least it is a little more palatable.

It doesn't 'cost' the city anything. In fact, they make a small amount on it.

It's early, maybe I'm missing something in my model. Ya'll let me know.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Legit Question I'd Like The Media To Ask Hartley

So I like Colborne.

You all hate Colborne.

Which is fine. The beauty of life has been stripped away from your souls and left you cynics. Which is fine. Really.

But here's the thing: You guys are probably right. I don't even debate that. Colborne, compared to other legit NHLers, probably sucks.

Which is one of the reasons I like him. I like rooting for him. I myself suck at hockey. I am getting better, but I am under no illusions. So I like guys like myself, guys who suck. I root for them.

If the team was actually hyped to win anything, I'd probably hate him. But it isn't.

Anyways, here is my questions.

Is there not a story here?

I get that the Herald and the Sun write about what they are told to. I get that. But to me, here is an easy story.

So what I'd like is this. Next time Hartley is talking to the media, if someone in the media could ask a question like this:

"Stats (advance and traditional) show that Colborne is struggling. You (Hartley) seem to have confidence in him, playing him 15+ minutes a night consistently. What are you (Hartley) seeing in the player that the stats are not showing?"

And then let him talk.

I like learning. I like seeing new perspectives. This question, I think, lets Hartley talk about his hockey philosophies. It's informative, even if Hartley answers with BS or coachspeak.

(I get that many of you think "He has to play him because Burke told him too" and that the coach can't say that. I acknowledge that.)

Anyway, that is it. That's all I wanted to say.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.