Friday, March 16, 2018

Dumb Move

The dumbest thing I did this month was kill off my stable of hoes. I did it because it's tax season and I get so exhausted during the two months. Hoes are exhausting as it is and I figured I shouldn't be chasing tail and all that. Only so much energy to go around.

I didn't cut off all my hoes, I kept a few, but I consciously let the majority of plates I was spinning fall. What a fucking mistake.

Girls want a guy who is fucking 100 girls already. They do. The secrets to getting a woman to like you are to act like you don't like them*, and to be fucking a bunch already**. I think they can smell when you are. They have some mechanism. Because as soon as I let the hoe stable out of the barn, the hoes I kept had an attitude change on me.

I had a good thing going with this one girl where I'd show up once a week and bang. She now all of a sudden wanted to be my girlfriend. During tax season? Fuck that shit. So she got very mad and hasn't communicated with me for a couple of days now. The other girl I had pulled similar shit. "Working late on the office" became "you are cheating on me." and I smelled a shit test so I said "I can't be cheating on you because we aren't dating." Even that was giving the shit test too much merit, I should have just said "obviously." but I didn't. Same thing. She hasn't sent me any nudes in about a week. Terrible.

Now I'm faced with having to rebuild my prospects when my social energy is very low. I know you are supposed to fake it but even the thought of having to perform is draining my chi right now. Having a few chicks I could use to relieve stress at the end of the week was nice. Oh well. (I got rid of the dating apps so I am forced to actually leave the house for pussy. I am not going back. So far.)

Moral of the story is to spin as many plates as you possibly can. 

* I once heard it formulated as: Women like things that don't like them back. That's why they like cats. Be like a cat.

** You saw that story about the chick who went crazy when she thought her man was fooling around on her? That's the type of passion having another chick, or even the threat of having another chick, aroused in women. They love it.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


It's been months. Months. But I finally did it. I came. I was fucking a chick and there was something about her, and I cracked. Busted the nut. Finally. I'm not broken.

You know what it was? The girls I was fucking were too nice. They loved the shit I would do to them because they were used to fucking nice guys. But they didn't know how to participate, because they were used to this nice shit. So I would go nuts and they would love it but they couldn't match my energy. I was giving it and they were taking it. But I need to get the energy back, too. I'm more than just a gigolo, or however the song goes.

This chick...she knew how to act. Which is terrible. A chick like that...they will steal your soul. A buddy of mine once told me you can't sleep with a chick like that more than a couple of times because they will hook you, you will get addicted. So I might have to blow her off, because she can blow me off. Ironic?

But damn. Finally. Finally. I thought I was done for. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Deleted Dating Apps, Two Weeks In

Oh lawd.

I had become a bit of a whore and it was not making me any happier. I had become a whore because I actually fell for a girl, like an idiot. When you fall for a pretty girl they can smell it. It disgusts them. They then let you get just comfortable enough so that when they rip your heart out the wound isn't able to clot. It bleeds and bleeds and bleeds and you eventually get sick of it and you have to seek out some gauze. My gauze was new, strange women.

So I downloaded these STD apps, tinder, bumble, even match, and started 'mingling'. It was easier to use these things than to actually go out. These things can be brutal on you. I suspect that there are a few guys who get most of the matches, while the rest of us chumps sit around and wonder if the thing is broken. I got about a match a week, and I thought that was really good. To be honest, I have (had?) a fairly high conversion rate. Over 50%. I think that's ok.

The girl I still miss (god, how pathetic, she's probably forgotten my name, you know?) killed my spirit in November. I had three dates that week, I was so pissed off with her. I converted one of em, a chick from Ghana. December I had another chick, some nondescript white girl, a single mother. I never called her again. January I had two. The infamous new years eve girl, and yet another nondescript white single mom. She hadn't been treated rough before. She liked getting choked (don't they all?). She still texts me every once in a while. February was an ok month. I got with my first Asian girl. She had never been tied up before. I was very rough with her, left bruises on her and everything. I though she would never talk to me again but she wont leave me alone. I see her once a week. I also got with a 22 year old white girl. She was weird. She had told me she was french and had armpit hair. She was not french, and she did not have armpit hair. 22 year old pussy is great, especially when you get older. But her not being able to moan things in french really disappointed me. I made her squirt though. What a mistake that is. If you make a woman squirt they don't stop texting you. I should have made Sri Lanka squirt.

But trying to forget a girl by using other girls wasn't making me happy. It did make me forget about the other girl, a week at a time, but she was always lurking in the periphery. A buddy of mine gave me a talking to, and I took his words to heart. He told me to get off the dating apps, to get girls off my mind period, and take some time for myself. I thought the advice was solid, so I took it. I deleted the dating apps off my phone, cold turkey.

Is it working DB? No, dear reader, it is not working. I miss the girl I miss more than I did when I was whoring. I think at this point I don't miss her so much as have it as a habit to miss her. Having the Asian girl is nice, but she want's to be more than a weekly lay and so that's going to explode at some point. The best part of deleting the apps is it makes you go out in real life to meet women. I got a girls number at the casino, which was nice. I got another girls number standing in line at a deli. But for those two numbers I probably stuck out 20 times. My conversion rate is far lower than 50%. That's normal though, I think.

It's tax season now. Hopefully that can keep my mind occupied. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

I Can't Cum. WTF?

Howdy stanger. Been awhile.

I have a problem. It's not a fun problem, so I don't really want to talk about it with people I know. So I figured I'd share it with the internet. Nobody reads this blog anymore anyways. Safe space.

I can't cum. Well, I can, but not when I'm fucking a girl. It's...disconcerting, to say the least.

I've had this problem since at least the summer. And I don't know why. It's really messing me up though. Sex is fun and all that, but without a 'payoff', so to speak, I'm starting to just view it as a (pleasant) cardio exercise. And who likes cardio? I don't.

I noticed the problem when I met a girl in the summer. If you follow my twitter you may know about her. She was a Sri Lankan. Hot chick. Hourglass figure. Tits and ass. Curves. Usually I go for skinny heroin addict looking girls, so this was a new type for me. I quite liked it.

And she could fuck. Last year I got into 'pick up' and 'red pill' stuff, which kinda boils down to 'be confident and dominant'. And boy did she respond to that shit. I wonder if anybody had treated her like that before. I think she was used to guys walking on egg shells. I didn't, I just took her. Didn't even ask. And she loved it, I think, because her was good. Didn't say anything when I took the rope out to tie her up. Loved the handcuffs. Enjoyed fucking in fake-risque places (like I'd open my blinds up and fuck her on my living room couch. She liked the thrill of 'someone might see us'). She was kinda a freak, and I liked it. That's the reason I still miss her. She was boring otherwise.

But the point: For three months, three or four times a week, I was dominating this hot girl, she was basically letting me do whatever I wanted to her body, and you know how many times I came? Once. One time. One freaking time. And that was from her giving me a handjob, where I had to grab her hand and guide her.

One time. What the hell is wrong with me?

After she split, I've gone on a bit of a hoe parade. She left in November, and I've had some girls since. Same thing. Can't cum. Now, not all of those girls were as good in bed, they wouldn't let me choke and bite and spit in their faces, which is fine but if bad guy fucking isn't doing it for me then you can imagine my boredom with nice guy fucking. And some of the girls just weren't hot. If you follow my twitter you may have heard my news year story, for instance (that's a good one, actually). But a hot wet hole is a hot wet hole. I just can't cum.

Now the current girl I'm running with is an Asian girl. She's cute enough but I'm not animal attracted to her. Still, she's a freak. She's freakier than the Sri Lankan. I literally left bruises on her, and she loved it. Still: I can't cum for this poor girl. She has begged me to cum in her mouth and I can't do it.  Imagine that. What a fucking nightmare.

And honestly, I feel bad for these girls. Girls like making a guy cum. They do. It's like an accomplishment to them. I think it hurts their self esteem when they can't make me explode. I can see it in their eyes. I have to come up with excuses so they don't get sad. I'm nervous. I'm tired. I'm whatever. It's not you, baby, it's me.

And it could be. What I'm going to try is to go cold turkey on masturbation. That way the only way I'll be able to get some release is with a woman. That should reset my brain, I hope. Fuck, I hope.

Or it could be the women. I'm old enough I should know what I want, but maybe I don't. Or maybe it's the way I'm having sex. I mean, I'm having sex with girls who I barely know. There is no emotional attachment. Maybe that's what I need. But that wouldn't explain why I couldn't cum in the Sri Lankan. Or maybe it does. Maybe I didn't have any attachment to her beyond sex.

I really don't know. I'm grasping at straws. I just know the inability to bust a nut with a girl is driving me crazy, and I had to get it off my chest.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Jagr Cucks Win

We signed Jagr. It is cool. Jagr is cool.

I am a Jarome guy so I am a little disappointed. I don't know if Jarome asked for money or something. But I would have liked to see him back, obviously. He can certainly take Brouwers spot if you ask me.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Shout Out To The Flames Pre-Season Edition

I arrived to the preseason game tonight in the second period. Actually I got there at the start of intermission. I left after the second period. I enjoyed about 40 minutes of Dome time and 20 minutes of hockey.

So I dunno if the first and third period were exciting, but the second period sucked.

Wasn't that awful? It was terrible. Some takeaways:

 Smith has cool pads but if he sucks those will drive people crazy. 

The music sucks. I don't even care that they play dance music when they should play country music, the dance music they play is bad. Like, you can play rock and you can play pop and dance and whatever it is they play over country if you play good quality selections from those genres. Which they don't in the Saddledome. 

Hamonic looks like a doofus player we used to have. I don't mean his play, I mean his face. I had it when I saw it but it's 1 in the morning and I can't remember. 

I wish someone would get in TJ Brodies ear about being more flashy on the ice. 

That's about it. 


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Male Butthole Eater @Studpuffin44 Got Me Kicked Off The Twittah

That's right, between his busy schedule of pimping out his children to syphilis infested homeless men and munching on his wife's pussy after her boyfriend leaves a mess of spooge in it, this lifeless retard has found time to complain to the twittah about my genius level tweets. What a fucking maroon.

Anyway. Don't know if I'll be back or not. Having to deal with the faggotry these faggots throw my way gets a little tiresome, I can't lie. But if you guys wanted to take time out of your busy schedules to let this little pussy know that he has less appeal than a rectal wart, I wouldn't mind all that much.

Studpuffin44...just typing the name might give me the HIV. Anyway I'm not allowed to tweet this to him and since I'm not really using the blog I figured I'd put this up and if you guys come across it you can bullycide him for me.

Thanks in advance!