Thursday, August 25, 2022

Pop Quiz Hot Shot: Who Should Be The Flames Captain?

Does anybody get the Speed reference? Man I'm old, as my smoking hot African GF reminds me every day. 

The question about who should be the Flames captain does have an objectively true answer though. And if you get it wrong, well I'm not saying you should have your Flame fandom revoked, but I certainly wouldn't oppose letting Torquemada ask you a few pointed questions. 

I feel a flow chart would be useful here.

                                                Should the Flames name a captain? 


                                                           Yes                                    No

                                                             |                                        |

                                              Should it be Backlund?               Wrong                                        


                                        Yes                                    No

                                          |                                         |

                    Correct answer, Flames fan               To the Rack with you


It's really not that complicated.