Wednesday, November 24, 2021

15,464 People Show Up To The Flames Game

Wow, I'm actually a little surprised. I thought they would do like a twelve thousand number, due to the QR code thing. They don't appear to have had any less people than they did when they didn't require the QR code.

For comparison, the last home game, before they switched to QR only, they drew 14,090 people. The game before that, the Ranger game (on a Saturday IIRC) drew 15,879 people. 

We will see how the rest of the homestand goes, but my hypothesis that attendance would further collapse with the imposition of a QR vax pass seems to be under attack right now. 

They are still missing four thousand people from the stands, but they were missing four thousand people with the easy to fake vax passport requirement for entry. There doesn't appear, again it's one game, but there doesn't appear to be a drastic change in attendance.

Perhaps I was the only handsome guy talking his way into the building? 

Is it 'The Economy, Stupid', after all? Is it fear of large crowds? Is it residual damage left from the disaster that was last season? Where did the missing four thousand go? 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

There Are 2,424 Unsold Tickets To Todays Calgary Flames Game Versus The Chicago Blackhawks

What a disaster. If there was an actual 'sports media' in this city they would probably be talking about why the first place team in the West can't sell any tickets to their games. It would probably be a story if the market was being served by anything other than salesmen. Salesmen, by the way, who seem to be doing a shitty job, as there are 2,425 tickets available as of this morning to the games they propagandize for. 

What a debacle. That's probably a quarter million dollars at least left on the table. Plus beer and food sales. For a team that hadn't been able to sell a ticket to a game all last season. You'd think the people in charge would be going nuts. 

When the Flames had ~1,800 tickets available before a game this season, it has usually translated to about 4,000 people not showing up. They have 2,425 available right now...I wonder if 12,000 show up to the building. Do you think they talk about that, or they ignore it?

Now why is the building about to be half full? There is a lot of conjecture, my guess is the obvious one, that it's the reaction to the vaccine mandate. People do not like it. The type of person who can afford expensive season tickets does not like being told what to do by slug bureaucrats. Now with the introduction of proof of vaccination that is difficult to counterfeit, the building attendance, already poor, is about to crater. 

You would think this would result in the Flames applying a lot of pressure on the provincial government to act like adults with regards to the Chinese cough, but alas, I won't be holding my breath. Sanity is sadly lacking in all levels of society right now. It's a result of the purity loop of the manic and panicked new religious class, the Covidians. At least in my view. 

Of course, it could be the other way, which is that people are so scared of catching something in a crowd that they are avoiding the gatherings. I'm not sure about that, simply because the restaurant clients I have aren't showing similar levels of disengagement from their customers. They are filling tables. 

It could also be a value thing. The Flames games these days are an expensive ticket. A family of four going to a game, sitting in the second level, probably costs $400 for tickets, and another $50 - $100 on food. Plus parking or uber. It could be $600 or $700 pretty easily. What do you get for that money? The game experience in an old building (ie: pissing in a trough), and basically what comes off as zero effort in game entertainment. If you aren't in to the hockey, it's a tough few hours, and expensive at that.

The product, the in arena game experience, is flat, stale, and boring. And expensive to boot. No wonder people aren't going to the games. It's a shame, because the team is good. Too bad nobody wants to see them play at home. 

The solution, at least to me, appears obvious. End the vaccine requirements, and the building fills up again. Let the high risk (old, fat, out of shape, ie the typical NDP voter) take their health in to their own hands, and let everyone else get back to normal. I bet the building would be full the next game.