Friday, October 29, 2021

The Calgary Flames Have 2,305 Unsold Tickets To The Saturday Game, According To Ticketmaster.

The Calgary Flames, coming off of a 5 game road trip where they won every game and they looked pretty good doing it, have more tickets unsold now then they did at the beginning of the road trip. What?

When I posted on the 20th, they had 1,846 tickets for sale. Now they have 2,305. Why does nobody want to see the Calgary Flames play at the Saddledome (he asked facetiously)?

It probably has nothing to do with the civil right violating vaccine entrance requirements. It probably has nothing to do with $11 beers and $8 popcorn. It definitely has nothing to do with the being asked to wear a mask in a building full of supposedly vaccinated people, and it for sure has nothing to do with the ushers scolding anybody without said mask on. 

Gee golly, what could it be?

As I am extremely handsome and erudite, I will be going to the game Saturday, unvaxxed, as I will charm my way past the doorwoman. I bring this up because I was at the last home game where there was like 1,800 unsold tickets on paper, and it turned out to be something like 4,000 empty seats. The building looked and felt, not empty, but empty. No energy, etc. 

I wonder how the Halloween game will feel. Probably the same. 

Here is the breakdown, per ticketmaster:

PL= 448 seats available 

2nd level = 1281 seats available

1st level = 556 seats available

The restaurant seats = 20 available.

They don't have data on suits. At the home opener, by my eyes, looked like half the suits were empty. 

And you know what? Good for the Flames. If they and the Oilers refused the vax passport scheme, the province may not have introduced it. So fuck these guys. The fascist enabling corporate fucks deserve the wages of sin. 

How much money are we talking is being left on the table? Very rough calculation, because the prices on ticketmaster are insane, but that is what I have to go on. $59.50 for a PL seat. At least $94.50 for a 2nd level, and many are more. At least $234.50 for a 1st level, and again, many if not most are more. $234.50 for a restaurant seat. 

 448 * 59.50 = $26,656.00

1281 * 94.50 = $121,054.50

556 * 234.50 = $130,382.00

20 * 234.50 = $4,690.00

Total = $282,782.50

And that's not counting the suits, and that's using 'minimum' ticket prices for a section. They are losing more than that, most likely. Ouch.

But again, it's hard to feel sorry for the Flames, as they are the ones who got in bed with a failing government's hairbrained plan to appease the sky is falling chicken little wine aunts out there, who will never vote for them anyway. Oh well. Maybe rethink that next time?

Exit question: If the Flames play well but can't sell tickets into the year...what happens?