Tuesday, October 12, 2021

There Are At Least 1,828 Unsold Tickets For The Calgary Flames Home Opener

 Holy shit. LOL.

The Flames released the opening night roster and on the webpage there is a link at the bottom: LIMITED AMOUNT OF TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE!

Well, I clicked the link. And Ticketmaster has this cool thing where you can go over the various sections of the Saddledome, and as you hover over the section, it has how many tickets are available to purchase in that section. So I added up all the sections. My count isn't even as high as it could be, because one section was labeled '100+', which I just took as '100'. They actually have more than the 1,828 unsold tickers, I am using a low number, but it should be fairly accurate. 

LOL. Two thousand (2,000!) unsold tickets for the home opener, after nobody has been allowed into a building for like two years. 


What's worse: Ticketmaster doesn't show you how many tickets are available for resale. That is, these tickets are purchased, but the person isn't going, so he is puts them on Ticketmaster to try to sell. So while the Flames have sold these tickets, there won't actually be anyone in them. It's tough to sell beer and popcorn to people who aren't, you know, in the stadium. 


There is your limited availability: Two thousand unsold tickets to the home opener. Embarrassing. Who knows how many available for resale. Could we see 14,000 people in the 'Dome come opening night?


Silver lining? After a few gates like these, the hail mary of 'Trade For Eichel' gets more and more likely.