Wednesday, March 20, 2019

This Is So Hot

Honestly, my dick is so hard from watching this.

I wish I was lying but I'm not. Toilet licking is such a turn on for me.

Have you ever made a chick lick a toilet? I have. I mean, it's hard, at least for me. You got to get the right type of girl. Or just get the girl drunk.

I don't know if I should share the story. But I will say I came so hard in the bitch she had semen coming out her face every time she blew her nose. Like, it's hot as hell.

No point to this post other than to brag about having had a girl lick the toilet while I was banging her doggy style over said toilet. I think the licking of the toilet was even hotter than when I swirlied her after I finished.

And yes, she still took my calls after. Woman love it when you treat them like shit.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Thanks For The Help

I have a buddy. I love the guy, known him since I was in kindergarden. How old are you when you are in kindergarden? 4? I've known this motherfucker my whole life. He's my homie, for realz. Love the guy, no homo.

This motherfucker sends me a video the other day about 'finding your soulmate'. It's a video by an orthodox rabbi. I think. I didn't actually watch it. Why would I? You get into the Game to kill the version of you who believed in Disney.

No, what pissed me off about it was the fact that he outed himself as Just Not Getting It when he sent me the video. He still believes you (me) can find a soulmate. He believes this shit. And now I have to look at this cat, who I love as a brother, and decide whether I should burst his bubble or not.

You know, you get a little good with girls and you start to see reality a little differently. Like in the Matrix movie when the guy can see the code. That's what it's like, you see humans interacting and you see the code behind the surface, not the surface. The surface is lies, the code is the truth. So you see that shit, and it changes you, and you have to decide: should I let my homie in on it?

Am I any happier now that I can 'see the code'? No. I get laid a hell of a lot more, but so what? As a great man said, pussy is only a thing if  you aren't getting it. If you are getting it, it''s fucking annoying. I hate to say that but it's true. I don't even know if pussy is worth it. Is this hell?

Why would I want to to do that to my homie? Why would I want to take away Disney from him? It is a better world. It may be fake and made up and not reality, but who cares? My world is real and it fucking sucks. Well that's not true. The loss of the illusion is what sucks. As a man you do want to view women a certain way, and when you know, then you know, and you can't view them in that way anymore.

If I'm actually his friend, I wouldn't wreck the illusion.


I went out on the weekend, even though I told myself I wouldn't, and I picked up a young thing. I only did it because some other chick I wanted to fuck told me to die in a fire. Fuck you, Melissa. So I showed her what a cunt she was by picking up some 20 year old and taking her to my home, slapping the handcuffs on her, and going to town.

I think I bought her an uber at like 4 am. Wouldn't even let her stay. I sent the 'you can't say I raped you if you respond to this' text ("Hey I had a great time hanging out last night") about 5 minutes after she left. Didn't respond to her response ("Yeah had a fun time").

She sent me a text on Monday, complaining about how I choked her so hard I left red marks. She didn't like being choked, she said. Bitch, you came when I choked you. Fuck you. Women, amirite?

Just text me back and tell me I'm funny, Melissa.