Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Some Girl Called Me From A Private Number All Night Last Night


I have gone out like one time all January. I haven't gotten any pussy in January, and that's probably why. I had a harem in 2018 but I cut them all at the start of 2019.

So that's the situation. And then, yesterday, starting at about 1 AM and going till about 2ish, someone calls my phone from a 'private number', continually.

I didn't pick it up, as I always assume a call from a private number is a cop, and I've been told not to speak to cops, that's what lawyers are for. But my phone's screen comes on when it gets called, and it was flashing for about an hour, keeping me up.

It was one of those flashes that woke me up. I look at my phone and it's ringing from a private number, they really want to get a hold of me, but I notice that they must have left a message.

The message goes, and as I'm writing this I'm kicking myself for deleting it last night, but it goes "Hey this is Medical Clinic and your test results came back and you have the clap, call us back at some number". (Now I'm like 'why did I delete that' as I could have searched the number, maybe some clue would have emerged). Obviously a crank call. One, I haven't gone to get tested for an STD in a while, and two, I don't have STD's despite my high risk habit of fucking strange girls without a condom, because I don't do Mondays.

So I got a stalker, I guess. Which is cool, but what is bugging me is this: like 90% of the girls I get with end up falling for me, and when I don't reciprocate, they end up hating me. I have a phone list full of women who hate me. So my list of suspects is not small.

Ladies, if you want attention from a man, just ask for it.