Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I Haven't Had Pussy All Month

I haven't fucked at all in January. I'm going to go crazy. In my defense, I've only gone out 'hunting' once this month. I got a number but I doubt I'll call it.

I've been in a mood. I've been unmatching chicks on the dating apps. You never unmatch chicks. Like, as a rule. But I've been unmatching chicks after two messages. I get one whiff of 'boring' and I'm pulling the chute. And all women are boring.

2018 was a good year for me for pussy, and it was a bad year. I fucked more chicks this year than I ever had in a year, which is good. I took some targets off my list as well. I'd never fucked an asian chick, and I fucked a bunch. I'd never fucked a redhead, and I fucked one (who was 19). I fucked a chick from the maritimes, which I had wanted to do, for some reason. I fucked a chick who spoke french. I fucked a blonde who was a month out of highschool. It was a good time.

But you know what? It's nothing special. A redhead's pussy feels like an asian chicks pussy feels like a french chicks, etc. So I took a bunch of targets off my list, and you know what I got out of it? Disillusionment.

This is no way to live.