Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Weird Email From Flames: Special Announcement Regarding March 2 Game

Got a cryptic email from the Flames today. All season ticket holders did. I just wrote that to gloat about being a season ticket holder. In the two hundreds. Pretty sweet. Gonna get to watch the team win the Cup live, and not have to do it in the wasteland that is the 300 section either.

Anyway...Special announcement on the game March 2. They are going to tell us all what it is about tomorrow, per the email.

I looked at the shitty Flames blogs and didn't see this mentioned. Then I went to Calgary Puck and they have a speculation thread. The speculation seems to be that Iginla will have his jersey retired. The theory I liked was that it was a tough game to move tickets for, so that's why they are choosing this game.

Ehh...I don't know. When I saw the email my immediate thought was also a jersey retirement, either Iggie's or Kipper's. Minnesota though...

Could it be anything else? I haven't slept all week, I can't really think of  it being anything else (in this state). Wait...they could retire #14.

They should Forever A Flame Ferland when we play Carolina.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


The thing about the lowest of the low, journalists and reporters, trying to make themselves a professional guild, always strikes me as funny. Because these people are the most vapid people you will ever meet. I've dated some. They don't know how to tie their shoes.

So it's an idea that should be pushed back on. The great thing about this new social media age is that you can see how unqualified most of these people are in real time.

I wouldn't hire these people to walk my dog without five character references.

Anyway...the experts, doing expert things. Wonders never cease.