Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Wasn't There A Story On Sportsnet The Other Day About The Flames Trading Brodie Or Hamonic?

Wasn't there a story on sportsnet the other day about the Flames trading Brodie or Hamonic? Like, it was there yesterday, I'm pretty sure. But I went today and I can't find it. My google skills aren't what they used to be, as I wasn't able to find it there, either.

I swear it was there, though. You gotta believe me. Someone else saw it, right?

Assuming I'm not crazy...why would they post it and then disappear it? Did they get push back from the team?

The story was "Flames have a lot of defencemen, and Brodie and Hamonic's contracts are up in a year or two, so they should trade them for a forward now."

Which, if you play video game hockey makes sense. Here in the real world, you might want to keep your blue line strong if you plan on going on a deep run in the playoffs. Might want to avoid icing three rookies if you plan on going deep in the playoffs. But, again, in video game hockey world, where there are no injuries and the silicons don't feel pressure, sure, it makes sense.

Anyway, just thought it was weird I couldn't find the story anymore.

I would like the team to 'add' though. Sportsnet has this cool thing where if you look up your team it shows how much cap space they have. The Flames have none, so it's gonna be tough to add without taking something off the roster. The obvious candidate would be Stone, but good luck with that.

So probably won't be able to add, which is a shame. Hopefully Neal wakes up.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.