Friday, November 30, 2018

I Would Like You All To Donate To Charities That Buy Kids Christmas Gifts This Month

I'm giving to something called "The Magic Of Christmas" .

I don't know if there is a charity that gives gifts to poor Jews for Hanukah. I did not see it when searching google. I wish there was, I would give. Maybe for next year. But I'm loathe to give to a general fund. So I'm donating to the goys. 

Poverty at Christmas time is a sad thing. Please give. It will make your soul feel good. There isn't much real about this world. Your family and your health, right? Doing a good thing will make your soul happy.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Out Here Creeping On Chicks And The Left Says Nothing Lol

I can't stress this enough: The current left wing is not ideological, it is religious. They are religious fanatics sure that they are on the road to Utopia. And you are Evil with a capital E if you get in their way.

They are quacks. Don't try to reason with them. Don't try to embarrass them by pointing out their hypocrisies. They don't care. It isn't ideological. It's religious. When you talk to a left winger, it is the same as if you are talking to a flagellant. Logic's not gonna do it, Hoss.

You deal with a quack by mocking them. Do not take them seriously.Let them talk, laugh, roll your eyes, and then continue as if they had said nothing. If they get mad, laugh. Treat them as you would a girl. Agree and amplify. "You're a racist" Say Ok and then wink at their girlfriend (unless she isn't hot, which she probably won't be).

Banging The 19 Year Old Was A Mistake, Kinda

Your humble hero did indeed take down the 19 year old yesterday.

Quick background: Don't remember where I met her, bumble or tinder or real life. Met her about a year ago when she was 18. I like young chicks. Fuck off. Anyway, we talked, we flirted, but we didn't fuck. As I recall I don't think we went on a date even, she flaked. Maybe we went on one. Anyway, I had her in my phone, and every few months I would send her a text, like a corny one line joke, stuff like that. But I'm not a creepy nice guy, so I made it pretty clear I wanted to fuck.

She'd indulge in flirting but never go out. She'd always back out last minute. A 'time waster' is what I dub these women. So I didn't waste time on her.

This week she texted me some lame one liners out of the blue. I knew the score right away. I didn't ask. Maybe I should have asked, but asking is weakness and women, like dogs, can smell weakness. You gotta be cool, daddio. So I was cool, and she ended up in my bed yesterday.


It's my fault. I hadn't had any pussy for over a month. My birthday ended up in a threesome I slept through, after all. I wanted some gushie. She was offering gushie. Like am moron, I took it. I should have screened much harder.

Why? I think you can guess why. She's 19 and new. I'm 33 and know what I'm doing. Guess.

Yup. She's in love.

At some point during the evening she got on to my phone. I don't password it, because I don't mind girls looking through my phone. I'm not married, and them seeing I have other options has only ever worked out in my favour. But there can be a downside. That downside is she discovers your, say, instagram account.

Because she might discover your instagram account and you might wake up the next morning to having a girl comment on all your posts, for the world to see. A world that included girls. A world that included girls you are gaming.

So as you might imagine, I have spent this morning fielding texts from various girls. Which is a great way to spend the morning.

I have an 18 year old in Regina who I bang who is very curious as to who this other girl is, for example.


It actually is funny. I'm laughing while I type this. Just a warning to the fellas though.


While this chick was clearly in to me, so YMMV, I did the 'your fat' thing to this girl as my pre fucking text flirting. When she would send me nudes or sexy pics this week I would text back 'Lose 10 pounds by friday"

The girl is not fat. She protested out loud, but she must have liked it. Try it out if you think you can pull it off. It's not a rookie line, be warned.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

19 Year Old Flaked On Me, Wants To Bang Tonight

I was supposed to take a young lady to the hockey game tomorrow. A nice date.

She texts me that she can't go. I know it's beta to confirm plans, but I'm glad I confirmed plans.

"I can't go. Sorry...what are you doing tonight?"

Geeze. Women. Adam should never have let Eve out of his sight.

So I got a 19 year old who wants to bang. I should wrap it up but I won't. She's white. White girls don't get STD's unless they are coal burners. Who knows but the lord, but in Calgary you are semi safe.

I kinda would have preferred to take her to the game, because there are guys on my hockey team who sit by me, and I always like to show off the kittens. But a lay is a lay.

I actually wanted to watch the Raptors play the Warriors. Can you believe I'm lamenting having to bang a chick over watching an NBA game? But that's the attitude you need to have. Chicks dig it. She got the tingles when I initially told her I wanted to watch the game over banging her. "Who is this guy?"

You gotta get them thinking that. Who is this guy? Why does he think he can act this way? If he thinks he can act this way, he must act this way. If he acts this way this must be normal for him. If this is normal for him he must be good with girls. If he's good with girls then I want to fuck him.

There are a lot of girls, but there are only a couple of girls. If you get that, you get it. If you don't, I probably don't have the ability to explain it to you.


The other thing I've been doing is calling hot chicks fat. Not like "HEY YOURE FAT WHATS YOUR NUMBER", but like "Oh, you are going to eat more fries?"

Subtle, unless they bring their weight up. If they bring up their weight, it's a trap. They want you to not supplicate. If you go with "no baby you're beautiful" then you lose. Chump response. I go with "Yeah, maybe could lose X amount of pounds". I would not use this on girls who are plain. 8's and up. Maybe can do it on a 7 but I haven't tried it on that, I've used it on hot chicks. Hot chicks seem to be responding to it well. The trick is to stick to your guns. And have a wry smile on your face.

Your mileage may vary. I have jewish bantz so I'm probably better equipped to deploy it than most. lulz


Go out this weekend and talk to some girls. Talk to them as if you have fucked them before, or talk to them as if you don't want to fuck them. I feel as if you should know this.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Women Sleep Better With Dogs

Who was that guy on twitter? "White women fuck dogs" guy?

Maybe he was right.

Some study purports that women sleep better with a dog by their side than with a 'human'. As a dog owner, I can't disagree with this, anecdotally it seems correct.

I mean, I think. I don't let women spend the night at my place (If you let them sleep over, they will want to get married, so I don't let them sleep over). So I'm not sure about the 'sleeping next to a human' part.

But the dog part makes sense. I know I have a harder time sleeping if my dog isn't in my bed (new dog guys, don't let your dog sleep in your bed. It creates a bad habit for the dog. I have a jewish brain and can charm my way out of any negative consequences of my dog refusing to leave the bed during sex. Can you?). I miss her snores if she's not there.

Isn't that a weird quirk of the brain? Like, when you are alone in your bed, arguably you have the most optimal conditions for good sleep. But if you are used to sleeping with someone or something else in your bed, their absence will prevent you from sleeping well, despite the conditions for a good sleep being better.

Eh, I just wanted to write something, and I figured I'd spare you the story about a chimp being pimped out.

Have a date with a 19 year old on Friday. Taking her to the game. If she doesn't flake. Hate making dates more than a few days out.

I'm supposed to fly out to Regina a the end of December to spend a week having sex with an 18 year old I met the other weekend. I don't like that I bought tickets to go see her. In reflection, it seems like a chump move. Makes me look very desperate for sex. So I'm going to cancel the tickets. If she flies out to me, fine, if not, wasn't meant to be. There is always more pussy out there.