Wednesday, November 14, 2018

You Beautiful Bastards Did It; Calgary Votes No On Olympics

I never would have thought that there was enough people tired of the grifters and looters, that would have presided over the Olympics, to vote these bums down. But you did it, Calgary. I could kiss your cheek.

I had sort of lost hope for the electorate after Nenshi was re-elected, and even worse, when most of the city councilors won their bids for re-election. Voters are stupid, that confirmed it, democracy sucks.

But the fatigue of all that stupid finally seems to have gotten to people. And thank the lawd that it did. Taxpayer just saved billions of dollars. Don't worry, we are dealing with politicians, so they will find another way to spend it. New stadium, come on down.

But for the time being, the good guys won.

The best thing about this whole endeavor was reading about old women crying at the Yes rally when the results came in. Crying! My word. The Swedish skier wasn't going to be sleeping with you anyways, hunny.

Don Braid is crying! Delicious commie tears.

Rick Bell is not crying. "David Beats Goliath". To bad we don't get to take any heads.


The mayor, hell, all of city council, should pivot to pipelines. The only 'revitalization' plan that makes any sense is building pipelines. The only words out of the local politicians mouths should be 'pipelines'. Embarrass the province, who in turn will embarrass the feds.


That Brad Treliving guy better fix James Neal, eh?