Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Song 'Last Time I Saw Him' Always Gets Me Dusty

The song 'Last Time I Saw Him' always gets my eyes wet. It's a great song (Dottie West version numbah 1) , and I don't even mind.

The reason? I think about the girls that see me as the guy getting on the bus.

Also, there are a couple of girls who got on a bus and left me with a sweet kiss.

Life man. Funny. Enjoy it.


My birthday story is terrible. Went out with a chick as a wing, picked up two country 18 year olds. Going good, right? Wing and me live about 5 blocks from each other, so we pile into the taxi. As we get to her house, the girls try to crack my demeanor and they all leave with the wing. Fine. I'm not a rookie, I know in about a minute I'll get a call to come over.

Except I had been drinking. Taxi drops me off at my place. "I'll just sit down while I wait for the call". Bad move. Passed out.

I woke up to about six 3 am calls from the girls telling me to come over.

I might never get drunk again.