Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Pepsi's New York Area Commercial Is Terrible

First off, my new season tickets in the 'Dome are sweet. I can't go back to sitting in the 300's now. I'd give up my tickets rather than move back. Sitting in the second level...you feel like a human. You can see the jumbotron, you can see the fire, you can see the players, and most importantly, the fans you sit with are also fans of the home team. Just a better game experience all around.

The $10.50 beers are real. Fuck that. They did this 'happy hour' thing that went to game start where beers were half off, which was cool. The beer guy said that was a home opener thing though, and usually happy hour ends well before the game starts. Fuck that.

Ok...now: I'm listening to ESPN New York Radio and they just played a Pepsi commercial and I'm going to lose my mind.

First off, it's one of those new Pepsi commercials ("This is the pepsi your mom drank") and it's voiced by a guy who sounds like a dweeb, as it is. So this guy goes: This is the pepsi you drink courtside while your team gets a breakaway and (and then the 'announcer' in the background goes) 'He shoots he scores!'

Catch that? Courtside. Breakaway. Wow. Why would you even run that on a sports station?

Anyway, Pepsi hates Jews so I don't drink it anyway, and it tastes like warmed over piss, so I don't drink it anyway, but because of this commercial I implore you not to drink it anyway.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.