Friday, September 28, 2018

Calgary Flames Post: Fuck These Guys (Calgary Flames Rumours)

I've not been to any Flames preseason games, even though I have to buy the shitty tickets as part of the season ticket holder package. However, I have heard some concerning things. Namely: beer prices are outrageous.

The people I've given my tickets to have mentioned it, but I just assumed they hadn't been to a game for a while, so the normally outrageous prices were just new to them. I can't even remember what the price for a beer last year was, but I think it was $9 or something. Which is crazy in and of itself.

But mucking around, I saw this post on calgary puck, which claims that the price of a beer is now $10.50. Ten. Fifty. As in, a $20 bill won't get you two beers. This is nuts.

The Flames talk a good game about not raising ticket prices, but the rise in price in everything else at the Dome has been considerable. So it's a con game. They aren't raising the ticket prices, sure, but since I've been a season ticket holder (4 or 5 years now) the price of beer has gone from $7 to $10, and everything else (popcorn, nachos, pop, burgers) have gone up as well.

In short, fuck these guys. They don't pay any rent for the building, get TV money and league revenue sharing, and operate under a CBA that ensures cost control (and ask people who work for them, they pay their vendors late). The only reason to raise the prices of these items is to increase profit margin, which is fine. Just don't ask me as a taxpayer to buy you a new stadium, greasy fucks.

I'll be smuggling in alcohol and snacks this year.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Where The Hell Should I Troll?

The Flames blog is terrible, all run by nerds. Not even nerds, nerds are fine. They are run by dweebs (Dweebs Eat Dirt)! And the commenters? "Hey dweeb do you think this fringe guy can make the team thanks Dweeb" like what the fuck is that? Dweebs writing for dweebs. It's not something that I can endorse.

There used to be a bunch, obviously this one was the best when it was alive, but now? Are there any besides flamesnation? I need something else. Or should I go troll there?

Is calgarypuck still around? It must. I just googled, it's still there. Holy fuck is that bad. Like the second thread is some dweeb asking how to get his mcdavid jersey autographed. Get cancer or suck his dick, dweeb, what the fuck do you think the easiest way is? Fucking morons.

I don't know, it seems like it's beating up a retard.

Oh shit Mike Keenan has cancer. That's shitty.

You know what commercial is fucking awful? That moneris commercial about ways to pay. It drives me fucking nuts. I only know the f word by the way. "I'd like to pay with tap" this dumb broad chirps. BITCH! DEBIT OR CREDIT! TAP ISN'T A FUCKING WAY TO PAY.

Anyways...I had a tinder date on the weekend and I threw her out when she didn't let me stick it in her ass. Now the cunt won't return my calls. Yes, calls. I'm a fucking gentlemen you deviant texters.

Poor Cosby. Dude did nothing wrong.

Kavanaugh needs to start grabbing pussies why isn't he getting this god level advice?

The olympic committee is leakier than Nenshi after the bathhouse. ZING

I like my porn in GIF mode now thanks for asking.

I heard on the radio that Derek Wills is divorced and I was all like gee you don't say.

Hopefully he gets fired soon. I mean, talk about a guy who looks like he belongs in the catholic church.