Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Flames Kill Smoking At Saddledome. Also Sign James Neal.

Wow. They did. They actually did it. Everyone was sitting here waiting for them to not sign a scoring forward, and resigned themselves to watching the team in a chase for 8th place, but Treliving stepped up to the plate and signed a real life scoring winger. Damn. Was not expecting it but am very happy they did it.

I will be honest: I just upgraded my season tickets, going from the nosebleeds to the the second level. I was joking about how I spent more money on this team and they 'rewarded' me by spending it on depth level players. But now I can't complain. I moved my tickets up and the team signed a real forward. I am quite pleased.

Now on to the the real news of the day:

Holy hell. This is a shake up. I am not pleased by this at all.

They just killed the smoking pits. Holy fuck. Do you realize how bad that is for me? It's terrible. It's fucking terrible. I use those smoke pits to meet girls!

I don't smoke regularly. I do smoke when I am at the Flames games, because one of the few places to go that aren't overly crowded in 'dome during intermission are the smoke pits. And when I am in those smoke pits at intermission I look for girls, and I go up and I bum a smoke. That's my opener. I use the bumming of the cigarette to break the ice and talk to girls. This move, the ending of the smoke pits, is a disaster for me.

Call the Prime Minister. Complain. Send letters. We need to get smoke pits back at the 'dome, otherwise how the hell am I going to meet any girls at the games this year?

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.