Friday, June 29, 2018

Flames Leak Free Agent Targets To Media

It's not that much of a secret that the people who cover the team are...well, I was going to say dumb, but the proper term might be lazy. Anyone who has followed the team for any length of time will have seen the phenomena where major stories about the Flames are broken by eastern based media. The local reporters just don't like to do much, you know, independent reporting on the team. When is the last time one of them broke a story independently?

So with that said, I think you have to take this list of potential Flame free agent targets for what it is, a leak by the team. They are floating the people they might pursue. I don't know why they need to float it, but the team feels they do.

The list: C Derek Ryan, C Jay Beagle, RW Michael Grabner, RW Ryan Reaves, F Austin Czarnik.

What does that list tell us? The Flames are once again going to dip into the free agent pool, where guys get too much money and too many years, for depth players. Oh joy.

I think, obviously, that that isn't the smartest thing to do. If you need depth, go ahead and sign it off the free agent market, but for the love of all that is beautiful, don't go out and sign them on July 1. Nobody on that list of five should be signed for more than one year. And if we sign them they are going to get three. Just stupid.

To me, I resign Versteeg instead of getting into a bidding war for Cznarnik or Grabner. I like Reaves but I don't think you can have a Reaves on your roster if you have a Brouwer on the roster. And if you buy out Brouwer to give Reaves a contract longer than a year...that would be a dumb move. I don't hate the addition of Derek Ryan, but to me it's a misuse of cap. Jankowski might not get my blood flowing, but he's cheap and I'd run him out as the 3rd centre. Like, I don't know why we are pushing Jankowski down the depth chart by bringing in a free agent when the immediate need on the team is to push Frolik down the depth chart by bringing in a real scoring winger.

Like, if we are bringing in a centre, to me, the quality of the centre should be such that it pushed Backlund down the depth chart. You'd bring in a guy to make Backlund the third centre, which pushes Jankowski to the 4th. You don't bring someone in to push Jankowski down. Again, that's a misuse of cap space in my mind when you still don't have a real winger to play on the top six.

How I see the forwards, or how I would like to see the forwards:
19/11/NEW WINGER (James Neal)

If they sign Ryan I see Versteeg being replaced with 93 and Lazar moves to the wing on the 4th line. The team would still need a winger, the way I see it.

I just don't love that the team's targets seem to be depth guys that they will probably have to give contracts to that will be longer than a year. The whole point of a minor league system in a cap league, to me, is to use it to develop the depth players your team will need so you can go out and spend money on real players.

But it is what it is. I'm not thrilled by this list. Let's hope Treliving has some trick up his sleeve to get a 50+ point winger on to the team.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Best Take On The Doug Hamilton Trade

Asked the boys on the summer league hockey team what they thought about the big trade. One guy there had the best take, and I will share it with you here:

"Hamilton was a pussy. Do you lose trades when you trade the pussy?"

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

More Doug Hamilton Trade Stuff

As I often lament, I am banned from twitter, but I still like to go on and search it from time to time. One of the pages I creep is @akaRCN, which I would assume anyone reading this blog in 2018 already follows, but you never know. On his page I found a couple of things that made me lulz, as it related to the Hamilton trade.

In my last post I had wondered why the Flames didn't try to move Hamilton at the trade deadline, if he was really so bad in the locker room or so unhappy on the team.

Well, there you go. The team, according to Mark Spector, did indeed try to move him. I think stuff like this lends credence to the Flames version of the story, where Hamilton was a 'murper' and unhappy on the team. It seems weird to me that the team wasn't able to trade him then. Maybe they got cold feet. I also find it odd that his name, as far as I recall and I could be wrong, didn't leak out during that time. I mean this thing is odd all around.

More evidence that the Flames and Hamilton had a bad relationship:

They didn't even tell the kid he was traded! He found out when the rest of us found out, while watching the TV. That's amazing to me. I don't know how Ferland found out, but the two Carolina guys we got were called by Carolina to tell them they had been traded. Maybe I'm reading in to the Flames not calling Hamilton to tell him he had been traded too much, but I don't think I am. That's an asshole move. The Flames must have hated this guy, and I would assume they had reason to do so. I would hope they did, at least.

More from Chip, on the players we got:

So, there is that. One underachieving forward for another. Oh joy! And a guy who 'is going to be' a very good NHL player for someone who 'is' a very good NHL player already.

I will say, in my experience running much much much lower level teams in completely different sports, getting rid of talented players who piss the team off with their attitude, people I call 'murpers', and replacing them with people who are not 'murpers' does tend to increase the success of the team, regardless of the talent level difference between the murpers and the non murpsers. I don't know why, but in my experience my teams have always done better the following year after I get rid of the murpers from the last season. So I see the Flames logic in this trade.

But time will tell.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Doug Hamilton Trade Was Bad Tho

Regardless as to the motivation of the trade, the trade itself was a bad one. Some thoughts I have one it:

- I would have liked the media to ask the GM if he had consulted the team leaders about making this move.

- This move implies the Flames believe the locker room has issues. Does moving one player fix it? Who else needs to go?

- If Douglas was this 'unhappy' in Calgary, why wasn't he traded, say, at the trade deadline?

- Douglas being unhappy or a bad apple or whatever may be true, but it is also a convenient excuse for the organization making a widely panned trade. How much benefit of the doubt you give the Flames largely depends on your opinion of the front office. I choose to believe the cover story because I pay for season tickets, and the alternative, while plausible, is horrifying.

- Treliving trading a guy he got in a trade he is acknowledged to have 'won' is another data point in favour of Douglas being a problem, either through his demeanor or his agitation for a trade, whatever the case may be. Douglas Hamilton on the Flames is perhaps Treliving's signature move. Brad moving that guy is not nothing.

- This isn't an original take, but the inclusion of Adam Fox in the trade makes no sense. The Flames should be getting the prospect or pick back in this deal. Imagine offering up the best players in the trade and still having to sweeten the pot. It's fucked up. Did Treliving get worked?

- The GM, by making this move, has married the coach. If Peters doesn't work out, Treliving will be fired now, as well. That may have been the case anyways, but now it is official. Ballsy move.

- Because of that, I can't imagine the team is done adding. Treliving is going to want to look good coming off this trade, and that means getting Peters enough players for his roster. The team is universally acknowledged to look like they need at least one more forward, and I won't argue with this notion at all. The forward brought in has to be a scorer. Do you pay James Neal?

- Were any of the players traded by the Flames in this deal offered up to Ottawa in the trade talks for Hoffman?  If not, if the Hoffman trade was going to be based around different players or assets, I would think the team would still be pursuing trading for a scoring forward, as well. Could we be seeing two new forwards in Calgary?

- There still seems to be moves to make. Getting rid of Brouwer would be nice. I'd like them to look at Reaves. Moving Stone would be nice, but I think he'd also be missed if an injury hits, as you'd be forced to play kids with kids on your bottom pair, unless they could sign an cheap alternative. Who plays in the bottom six? Do you play Bennett as the 4th line centre or the 3rd line winger? Lots of questions.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.

Enough Bad Takes: Doug Hamilton Asked For A Trade

Man. They ban me from twitter and then the team goes and makes a trade. Great. Now who is going to go after all the very bad and horrible takes that are coming out. I feel bad for the waste walkers of social media, having to wade through this cesspool of shit.

I will say, when I first heard the trade, I was not a happy camper. Because I am not on social media I got a chance to digest it before I was tainted with any other opinion. I did not like it, it seemed we gave up a lot for not as much. There had to be a reason, right? Something happened that we did not see?

And of course, that was the case. Initially, the word sorta broke that they traded Hamilton because of locker room issues. Of course, it came in the form of a tweet or something that said "Hamilton would skip team lunches to go to a museum", which of course got all the lonely nerds on the twitter very upset. Obviously 'skipping lunch to go to a museum' was a fucking euphemism, but the responses were of course "Flames hate the guy because he reads". Honestly, whenever I see these takes my initial thought is "Yes, we all needed to know you got stuffed into a locker in high school, random internet person."

The "Flames are stupid for trading an elite defenceman because he likes to read" take was so unbearably, well, stupid, I was surprised it survived a minute out in the wild. But people don't know what they don't know, except on the internet where they know everything, so I shouldn't have been. In a world of nerds writing about jocks, these bad takes can propagate.

The Flames themselves tried to cover their asses by very quickly putting out there some juicy quotes about Hamilton not being a fit in the room. Very quickly we heard insinuations about Hamilton not caring about losing, about him being more upset the team traded his brother than with anything else going on in the season, and perhaps, this being the juiciest, that he did not like it here (Brad Treliving's comment about "taking both on ice and off ice in to consideration).

 So obviously something was up. What we were getting from the media wasn't the clear deal. What was really going on? And now we know, sorta.

In today's 31 Thoughts, Friedman pretty much makes clear that Hamilton requested a trade, and the team was trying to trade him before his trade request was made public. While Friedman says that a trade request was not 'formerly' made, he also insinuates that an informal request was definitely made. And the subsequent actions of the club imply, to me at least, that the formal trade request was indeed coming if they did not move Hamilton.

(Hamilton was apparently unhappy with the team getting rid of his brother (understandable, in a sense, when he looks down the roster and sees Brouwer, Lazar, and Bennett stinking up the roster. Is Fred Hamilton worse than Lazar? So I can see his point, in a way), with his role being changed coming into the new year (he was apparently going to be moved from Gio to play with Harmonic, which would have pissed me off, too), and the fact that Gulutzan was a retard who waited too long to play him on the powerplay, which I believe pissed everyone else in the city off too.)

With that news, the whole trade should be seen in a different light. The team probably lost the trade. But they could have lost it in an even worse way if they had let the news of a trade request leak out.That's how I view it, at least.

Now...are those above mentioned reasons enough to warrant a trade request? I'm not Hamilton, but they seem kind of flimsy to me. Still, I can't imagine this trade was made without something like a trade request being made behind the scenes. It's just too...lopsided. I mean, if you were trading Hamilton in a vacuum, you would want a legit top line winger coming back. Right?

So I sorta view it as Treliving having two guys who were unhappy in Hamilton and Fox, and a guy he didn't want to pay in Ferland (and would be caught in a PR nightmare if Ferland put up a 50+ point season this year), and looking to get rid of his 'problems' with a neat and tidy package, trading them all to one team for guys who had similar talent, and who his new coach (who he is tied to the hip with, especially after this trade) liked and vouched for. It makes sense to me (although I do not 'love' the trade) in that light.

But that's the take. Not "The Flames hated Hamilton because he read books". The take is "Hamilton was unhappy here and they were not going to pay Ferland so they traded them for similar players who the team will have long term control over".

Not as sexy, but I think it is more accurate.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.