Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ward 11 Email About CalgaryNEXT

Got this email a few weeks back. It's from Brian Pincott, a guy who I do not like because I think he is a little loose with the public treasury. And it is because it is from a looter that it caught my attention.

Dear Ward 11 Resident ,

On Monday, June 27
th 2016, City Council heard the response from the Calgary Flames/Calgary Sports Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) to the City's evaluation of the CalgaryNext proposal. Essentially they challenged most of the City's evaluation of their proposal and asked to continue discussions and "negotiations" with the City as to their proposal to build a new arena, football field and fieldhouse in the West Village. 

Council, in the end, decided to ask city staff to continue working with CSEC on further evaluation and report back to Council in October this year. 

That said, I voted against continuing to do further work on the West Village proposal. In my mind, there are a number of challenges that since the initial floating of the idea almost a year ago:

- There is too much public money being expected to be into the project for a private purpose.
- The ideal location for the Fieldhouse remains at Foothills Athletic Park.
- The cost of the remediation remains very high.
- There isn’t good transit connection to the site.
- And finally, and probably the biggest concern, is around the Community Revitalization Levy (CRL). The value required out of a CRL just isn’t there and the expectations of the CSEC is that the CRL would pay for a private development first.

With those reservations, I believe we shouldn’t spend any more money exploring this option and move on to Plan B.  But, Council disagreed with me, with a vote of 12-3 in support of doing further work on CalgaryNext.

A report will be coming back to Council in the fall about this.


Brian Pincott
Councillor, Ward 11
The City of Calgary

I don't have the voting records for that particular vote, but I'd be curious as to who the other two people who voted against it.

Obviously the Plan B of putting the new stadium on the Stampede Grounds is the obvious play. The soccer stadium should be by one of the universities and the CFL team can play in McMahon until it crumbles.

It remains my preference that no public money go to these things but I will say if it`s a choice between some kooky progressive waste of money and wasting money on a sports stadium I will choose to waste money on a stadium every time.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.