Monday, June 13, 2016

Email From The Flames Regarding CalgaryNEXT

I got this email today (season ticket holder tier 1 fan) and I was going to clown it but I'm still ticked at the amount of you guys defending the saracens so I'm just posting it for your viewing pleasure.

Dear [redacted],
Friends, I’m writing to update you on the progress towards CalgaryNEXT- a transformative multi-sport facility that will provide a new home to professional and amateur athletes alike. There has been much talk and publicity on the City’s analysis released on April 20th which was not encouraging, nor unanimous from their perspective. We feel it is important that we let our supporters know what the road forward looks like from our perspective. 
We have been invited, and intend, to respond to the City administration’s report. As stated, we remain passionate about the vision for CalgaryNEXT. The proposed facility is an important solution that meets sports infrastructure needs in a location accessible for all Calgarians in a cost-effective manner. CalgaryNEXT will act as a cornerstone in a redeveloped downtown west end and provide Calgarians with year-round access to the sports they love as well as a world class venue to attract premier sports and cultural events. The city’s review of the project brought up a number of reasonable questions surrounding the facility and we are in the midst of answering them in a prepared response. 
While our response will address all the City’s questions in full, one point needs to be responded to immediately. The City’s report stated that CalgaryNEXT would bear a total cost of $1.8 billion – a number more than twice what we have initially proposed. I assure you that the total cost of this facility, as confirmed by three independent contractors, remains $890 million as we’ve said all along. Many of the “additional” costs outlined in the report are those that will be incurred for the ultimate development of West Village, the fieldhouse and contamination clean-up with or without, the inclusion of CalgaryNEXT. Our response will address incremental costs as well as challenging certain assertions and assumptions in the report. 
The City is an important partner in this process and we are continuing to work with them to find the best way to meet the sports and recreation needs of Calgarians. We have accepted an offer from the City to examine a “Plan B” which would see an arena and event centre only located on the Stampede Grounds, a separate fieldhouse in the northwest near the University of Calgary and some renovation to McMahon Stadium. While we question the logic of building separate structures and a temporary solution for McMahon, we are encouraged that the city is taking the need for new sports infrastructure seriously. We enter this process with an open mind but also a strong belief that CalgaryNEXT is the most logical solution that will benefit all Calgarians. 
Once our response to the city is complete, we will share it with you and I welcome your feedback and any questions you may have. I encourage you to speak up in conversations about CalgaryNEXT and share your views on the project with friends and family. Our website,, will provide you with more information on the project. We need your support and encourage you to contact your City Councillor to share your thoughts. Contact information can be found on the following website:
Thank you for your ongoing support and I’ll speak with you again soon. 

Ken M. King

Ok, one comment: When did 'transformative' become a word? Wouldn't the word be 'transformational'? I don't think that's a word either, though.