Friday, April 24, 2015

Flames Lose, There Will Be A Game Six At The Dome

Meh. I don't really have anything more to add then what else is out there. I assume. I haven't read any of what is out there.

I don't read sports anymore. Well, today. I didn't read sports today.

I hear on the radio that the team got killed. I mean, I guess? I thought the team played ok, to be honest. My brother says it's because I am a fan of the team.

But, I mean, they weren't shut out on chances. They had powerplays. They had two, in fact, in the third. I think. My brain turns to mush at the end of April.

I'm trying to cobble together what stood out for me, the day after.

I noticed Sven Bustchi (savage DB) twice. He turned the puck over in his own zone in the first (I think it was the first?) and had a chance to score a bit of a flukey goal shortly after the Canucks tied the game up. The box score for the game showed he got about 9 minutes of ice in the game, and if I can recall it correctly, he had about 1 minute (I think it was 1:57) of ice in the third.

Haha fuck that guy.

Colborne was noticeable. I thought he played well overall. He has no hands at all, however. And so he did not perform well when he was out on the PP in the third. But myself, I like the way he is playing overall.

David Jones had a play, I can't remember which period, where he took the puck in the neutral zone, over the blue line, past a defender, and took a shot on goal. It was an amazing play.

The rookies (Ferland and Bennett) took two horrible penalties in the game. Dumb penalties. I know some people question if Ferland's penalty was legit, but he has to know he can't do anything because the refs have him targeted. Bennett's high stick was just bad. Stop doing that.

Mason Raymond, you son of a bitch. I thought Raymond had two, maybe three, chances where he could have potted a goal against his former team and each time he ended up fucking up his shot. 

And of course, I have to talk about Backlund. I thought he played, probably, his best game as a Flame. I thought he was very good in the neutral zone, and I felt he did a great job getting back when he had too. My Father says he needs to pass more, but I have no opinion. I thought he was distributing well, but he was distributing to Colborne. Who has no hands.

 I don't know what next year is going to be like when it comes to roles, but if they end up playing Bennett at centre, then it looks like Monahan, Bennett, Backlund, and Stajan, and I am completely fine with that. That's very stong.

Monahan and Hudler aren't healthy. They can't be. They are playing as shells. It sucks. The cup run derailed by injuries to Gio, Hudler, and Monahan. Shitty.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Did Burrow's Inlaws Get Thrown Out Of The Saddledome?

Birdies birdies all a tweetin'
about the Flames and the beatin'
That they put on the Canucks
but also about a couple of schmucks
That got kicked out from the Dome
For throwing beer cups full of foam

Was it Burrow's inlaws? They inquire
I do not know, I'm just a squire
But it's a story I have heard told
And if it's true, it fits the mold
Of a bad apple by the name of Burrows
If true it would hardly make the brow furrow

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Monday, April 20, 2015

They Played Raymond, Not McGrattan

"I'm not sure what happened with the penalties, but hopefully we'll see Mason Raymond next game." - Kevin Bieksa

Well, the Flames took Bieksa's advice and played Raymond.

And ended up winning the game.

Famous last words from Bieksa?


"Who suggested that? Them? I think he's pretty irrelevant so far." - Bieksa on `Ferkland`

At this point, all Ferland needs to do is to slap a Sedin.


Scouting Report From My Nosebleed Seats:

Flames forecheck was very, very aggressive. It's hard not to love a team that plays like that.

I think the boys are getting comfortable. Some of the passes they made in the first two games of this series were a little off. This game, they were connecting on almost everyone they made. When they get a little puck luck, the speed and skill shine through.

Let's continue to hope for the favour of the hockey gods.

Oh. Cowboys girls number one star.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.