Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This Troy Ward Story Interests Me Considerably

So Troy Ward got fired.


The guy the media was promoting to be the head coach of the team before the team hired Hartley was fired? For no reason? Huh?

Obviously there is a story here.

Some points, gang. How in the world was the team beefing with the head coach of the minor league team and nobody in the local media thought to mention it?

The team is rebuilding. It is going to be relying on young players. The young players that the team will be relying on are currently playing on the minor league team. It would seem to me, a simple person, that in this situation, a situation in which the team is going to be leaning on player development to move the organization forward, that if the big league team is feuding with the guy coaching the minor league team, that that would be newsworthy.

What makes the whole drama even more compelling is that not but a season and a half ago, Troy Ward was getting fluffed up pretty by inkstained everywhere as the top choice to replace Brent Sutter as head coach.


Dinosaur media: Globe & Mail: "Flames Size Up Troy Ward For Head Coaching Job"

Even though this is only Ward’s first full season as a head coach in a decade, many around the organization believe he is the front-runner to coach the Flames next season. How a virtual unknown could beat out the field and secure a high-profile NHL job is a story of perseverance and dedication, because beyond the Heat’s 42-26-8 record and strong showing in the postseason, Ward’s work ethic and personality have won the hearts of the Flames’ brass.

Mom's Basement Media: Puck Daddy: "Is Troy Ward In Line To Be The Next Head Coach Of The Calgary Flames?"

The problem is, (Ward) may not be behind the bench for long. Eakins wasn't the only hockey mind to recognize how hard the Heat play; there are strong rumblings that Ward has done enough to make himself not just a candidate in the Calgary Flames' search for a new head coach, but the only publicly acknowledged candidate thus far.

So I mean, I think there is a there, there.

(I wrote some stupid shit about Ward in May of 2012. And Hartley too! Bonus!)

You go from hot new thang to yesterday's garbage and nobody says why?

Why? What's the story? I bet it's interesting.

Shitz I Findz Interestingz:

Craig Conroy was Head f Hockey Operations for the AHL Heat a lil while back. More recently, Craig Conroy was promoted to Assistant General Manager of the Calgary Flames. His first move was to fire Troy Ward. Ruthless.

Why the beef? Was Ward, on a personal level, a clownish buffoon who was an asshole and hard to deal with? Was he coaching the team in a way the team didn't approve of?

It's gotta be something like that, right? What else could it be?

Stat from Flamesnation:
Under Ward, the Heat went 119-83-12-14 and made the playoffs twice but winning just one playoff round.
So you can't even point to a losing record as a reason. Again, it's gotta be personal drama of some sort, and other people's personal drama is interesting.

Do you think he fucked a babysitter?

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.