Friday, March 1, 2013

Fire Them All

O'Reilly would have had to go through waivers to get on the team this year, had Colorado not matched the offer sheet.

Jay Feaster is a lawyer. That is his primary qualification for the job he holds. He is there because he can read, and understand, the CBA. John Weisbrod, English Major, is here because he is supposed to be some sort of CBA guru.

They missed this?

If they missed this, they have no legitimacy. They are there because they are suppose to be able to read and understand the CBA. They failed at that. Why do they still have jobs?

Why do they still have jobs? Honestly? Do any of you have a good reason?

I am prone to blame Ken King, because he hired these people. But if you are Ken King, and these guys come to you with the offer sheet idea, you trust them. You trust they did the due diligence. Because that is what you are paying them for.

And when it comes out, not a day later, that they hadn't? Ken King must be livid. I know I would be. This would cost someone their job if it happened in my office.

These guys have turned the team into a punchline. They should all be fired.