Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Kerr As The New PBP Guy For The Flames

It's no secret we are no fan of Rob Kerr being installed as the PBP guy for the Flames. A few reasons why.

1. He is an apologist for the front office.

We started Dome Beers, or at least got the idea for Dome Beers, when the Flames were mired in that nine game losing streak a couple seasons ago. The radio crew at the time, Dean Molberg and Rob Kerr, basically ignored the losing streak. That pissed us off, and forever marked the two hosts as shills for the organization.

Now one of those hosts, Rob Kerr, apologists in chief for the Flames, who once grovelled for forgiveness in front of Glencross because Rhett Warrener questioned the wisdom of giving him trade protection, is going to be calling the Flames games.

If you thought Jay Bouwmeester enjoyed an easy ride in this city before...

2. He has little experience.

Peter Loubardias, who we were no fan of, had decades of experience calling hockey games before he was made the Flames PBP guy. Peter Loubardias has literally called hundreds of games, and paid his dues, before getting one of the 30 jobs calling PBP in the NHL.

Rob Kerr has no such experience. His main qualification for being made the Flames PBP guy seems to be his relationship with Ken King. Which speaks to our first point fairly well, we think.

3. Charlie Simmer.

Charlie Simmer, professionally, is terrible. Putting him alongside a rookie PBP guy is not a great move, in our opinion.

When Peter Loubardias was fired, it presented a great opportunity to SNET to get serious about their product and clean house. The PBP guy should be someone with a traditional voice (read: deep) and the colour guy should be someone with a connection to the team. A former player, for example. The current booth of Kerr and Simmer fail on both counts.

4. His voice.

We had a problem with Loubardias and his voice. Of course we are not thrilled with Kerr's.

5. It's greasy.

This may or may not be true, we have no idea as we don't work for SNET, but it just looks really greasy. Did Kerr get his job by power playing and getting his supposed friend Peter Loubardias ran out of town?

6. It speaks to SNET.

If SNET is serious about competing with TSN, they certainly are not showing it with this move. Instead of poaching an established PBP guy, they chose to go the local radio guy route.

7. He has no mastery of the moment.

Remember the first fight Rob Kerr called on the radio? It was memorable. Memorable doesn't speak to the call being good or bad, we are just saying it was a moment. You know what happened the next time a fight broke out, and Rob Kerr was allowed to call it? It was awful. He attempted to call the fight in the same high energy way he had done the first, but it was forced, so it came off really badly.

Hopefully Kerr has learned from that, and will call the game naturally.

Maybe it will work out, and the broadcast will be a good one. Flames PPV games, which Rob Kerr called, were not great to listen too, so we have our doubts.

Some advice, if we may, to Kerr.

Be a Homer, don't be a Bull-shitter.

If you want to know what a homer sounds like, go listen to a ChiSox broadcast. Hawk protects the players and the team, for sure, but he also calls them out when they play bad baseball, make stupid mistakes, etc. Peter Loubardias was a bull-shitter. And men smell the phony shit and it pisses them off. If the team can't get the puck out of their own end, say so. Don't sugar coat it. We all have watched enough hockey, we all have played enough hockey, to know what is going on. Don't lie to the audience because you want to please Ken King.

Let us hear the sounds of the game.

Peter Loubardias never shut up. He had an incessant need to hear his own voice, and would fill up every moment of silence with it. Kerr, please, don't do that. We want to hear the sounds of the skate on the ice, the slap of the stick, the crack of the body check. Remember, you are there to enhance the viewing experience, not drown it out.

Be unique.

Be your own man, Kerr. Don't try and copy Foster, like your predecessor. Please don't rip off Whalen lines. We will repeat it, but be natural.

Again, there is a pool waiting for us, it's 40 C out, and we are going to go speak bad Yiddish to Braun in a few hours. Out.

Furthermore, I think Ken King should be fired.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something Posted

Probably should post something...


We are sure this has been brought up in the local, but since we are not there, indulge us: We loved the reaction that people had to the Loubardias firing (great move Sportsnet, by the way). Namely 'how dare people celebrate his getting fired. It was his dream job, blah blah blah'. We loved it, because most of these people railing against those who where making jokes about his firing are the same people who were celebrating when Sutter got fired, or when Keenan got fired, or when Kotalik got traded (ie: Pegula paying him to play in the AHL, ending his NHL career).

The thing is, these same people who were railing against are reaction to Loubardias getting fired actually thought Loubardias was doing a good job on play by play, so who even knows if they realize they were talking out of both sides of their mouth.


Listening to the radio here, some interesting conversation came up.

First, some background: The Diamondbacks are pretty close to leading their division. But they probably will not win the division with their current roster. San Francisco has crazy good pitching, and the Diamondbacks don't. If the Diamondbacks are going to really challenge, they are going to need to make a trade.

On the radio the locals (Arizona) were interviewing the Diamondbacks president. They were asking him about the team, and if the team was going to make a trade. You know what the president of the team said? (PARAPHRASE ALERT) "I don't make the trades, KT (Kevin Towers, the Diamondbacks GM) is the GM, we (the organization) trusts him, and if anyone can make a shrewd trade, it is him."

Wow! An organization that has clearly defined roles! Wouldn't it be nice, Flames fans?

In Game Entertainment

The Flames are doing it wrong. Trust us. Go to some other sporting events, it becomes very apparent.

Ken King And Feaster

We know the Godfather mentioned it, but is anyone in the MSM going to say anything about the Flames bringing back the same roster that had no chance last year, well, minus Regehr, this year?

40 C Out Here

We have a pool to get to.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.