Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day

RTPIC to Canada!

Free agency day as well. It's real nice out in Calgary today, so... yeah. Rafting, basketball, baseball, street hockey, football... there is plenty of shit we would rather be doing than blogging yeah, don't expect to much out of this corner.

Loubardias is on the radio? Fuck My Life! Kerr needs to filibuster.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Angela MacIsaac gave us her phone number. And ya'll thought our call on the sidebar for lady's numbers wouldn't pan out.

Huh? Yes, it is that time of year again when the 'Five Hole For Food' crew rolls into town to play some street hockey and raise some food stock for the Calgary Interfaith Foodbank.

Five Hole For Food is an initiative spearheaded by a Canucks fan, which is highly appropriate, because this year the Five Hole For Food street hockey game is going to be played in front of the newly christened 'Canucks Central', downtown at a location formerly known as 'Flames Central'.

When: Tuesday, July 5th, from 12 noon until 6 PM. Uhh, what? Do Canuck fans not have jobs? Must be nice.

Where: Canucks Central.

Special Attractions: HARVEY THE FREAKIN HOUND, MOTHERFUCKERS! Also, assorted (probably minor tier) Flames. Maybe. Plus a hockey game! If the Domebeer-aholics bring their sticks down, they can play. (Elbows up, Domebeer-aholics. You will be playing against Canuck fans. Watch your fingers.)

Now this is really funny. As we said, the thing is being organized by a Canuck fan. Guess where they are holding the post game shindig?

Boston Pizza (17th ave location)!

Honestly. And they wonder why the rest of the hockey world treats them with such disdain.

But the quirks of Canuck fans aside, this is a good cause, you should go out (if you can) to support it. All they want is if you come down, bring some foodstuffs (like canned foods) for the food bank. They take donations too, but we are wary of giving cash*, so we would go with the straight food donation.

If you can't make it out to the game because you have to work, or indifference, or whatever, you can always drop off food at the food bank proper itself.

Links! Five Hole For Food! Calgary Interfaith Food Bank!

*Nothing against Mr. Loat or the food bank, but just a general rule we have when it comes to not-for-profits in general. Very lax accounting rules with those things.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Muse is dead. We got nothing.


The Flames hired a guy by the name of Weisbrod to ostensibly be  Feasters right hand man. Which is strange, because anybody who is paying attention knows that the Flames real assistant GM is one Jarome Iginla. Awkward!


The Saddledome or the Calgary Flames?


We know a bunch of people who went down to the draft this year, some with a Calgary bent, but mostly people who cover other teams. Hearing a lot from them about Ken King. Why? Probably because they know we here at Dome Beers want the cat fired.

Anyways, take it with as many grains of salt as you may need, but we are hearing from our guys that, yes, yes indeed, Ken King is the real GM of the team, that he is an asshole, that he is difficult to work with, etc. etc.

Who knows, right? We do! We have clients who have to work with King, and they have horror stories about the cat, and those stories coincided nicely with what we were hearing from the people we know who were at the draft. You can think we are crazy, but we aren't: Ken King exercises way too much control in this organization, and it has hurt the on-ice product.


It's funny, but talking to people around the city, and you know almost immediately when they became a fan of the Flames by asking them about Nieuwendyk or Gilmour.

The newschoolers often talk about what a bad trade the Gilmour deal was, or what a great player Joe was. Fine enough responses, we suppose. But the oldschoolers have better takes.

The oldschoolers response: Joe was a drunk, and Gilmour slept his way out of the city.

Gotta love the oldschool.


32 inning scoreless streak. That's ridiculous. Give the hitters their steroids and speed pills back. It's only fair.


Being the social conscious of the 'Domesphere, you know we are going to pimp FIVEHOLE FOR FOOD. We did it last year, we will do it again. A bigger post on the subject is coming tomorrow, but we are going to call out the rest of the Flames blog right now. You don't want Domebeers beating you to the punch, do you?

Get cracking on those stories, and let's get the awareness up. Inflation is killing people out there (specifically food inflation), so lets do what we can.


It's back, motherfuckers!


It's what comment sections are for.


Don't fuck it up too badly, King. (BRAD RICHARDS!) (YOU SHOULD HAVE SIGNED ILYA LAST YEAR!). Actually, Puck Daddy was reporting that Richards wanted two things to sign: Money and term. Ha! No, he said Richards agent said that Richards wants to go to a hockey market with young players and a chance to win. Well, Calgary, one out of three aignt bad.


I wonder if Ken King completes his collection of old forwards.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Murray Edwards Is A Cheapskate Who Doesn't Want To Win

First, we are inclined to give Feaster a pass. Because, as readers of this space will know, we don't think he is the actual, really-in-charge GM of the team. The real GM of the team is Ken King.

Properly then, we see it as Ken King using Feaster as cover. And Ken King needs all the cover he can get, because he makes mistakes. A lot.

Trading Robyn Regehr for nothing, so that Murray Edwards wouldn't have to pay Ales Kotalik's salary, was a mistake. Barring the acquisition of a Brad Richards, of course. With that acquisition not being likely, the salary dump was a mistake.

One of the given reasons for this trade was that, according to Ken Kings puppet, the team would not have been able to sign Tanguay without making this deal. We aren't lawyers. Maybe the team could indeed not have signed Tanguay during the summer because Ales Kotalik's salary (or Nik Hagman's, or Matt Stajan's, or Cory Sarich's, or Daymond Langkow's, or Jay Blow's, or Kipper's, or Elvis's, or anybody with a contract on the roster...) would have sat on the books until training camp. Having watched five offseasons now since the lockout, and watching teams go over the salary cap limit (like the Devils last year after they signed Ilya) when they sign a free agents...that particular excuse doesn't seem kosher to us.

It seems to us the move was made primarily to save the ownership group some money. Murray Edwards did not want to pay three million dollars for an AHL superstar. What is interesting to us is that Terry Pegula did. Calgary talks about wanting to win, but when it comes time to put the teams money where it's mouth is, the Flames falter. Buffalo talks about winning, and when it came time for Pegula to put his money where his mouth was, he did.

This should be noted by Flames fan. Your ownership group is not committed to winning. Your GM operates under a mandate to win, but only if it isn't too expensive. And if it is, trade away franchise cornerstones. What, are the fans going to stop showing up?

This isn't an issue of a Flames fan over-valuing a player, as it has been suggested by some covering this team. A top four Dman, a legitimate one, in the NHL is a commodity that has value greater than two marginal prospects. Theo Fleury was traded for Reggie. Reggie was a drafted in the first round of the NHL draft, 19th overall. Reggie, an NHL defenceman with 826 games played in this league and a career plus 30 (and he started with the Young Guns, folks) was just traded for a fourth round draft pick in Butler, and a sixth in Byron. Plus the Flames had to give up a second round pick in the deal as well.

Simply put, there is no hockey related reason that this trade was done, because hockey wise, Reggie now is better than those two prospects will be, probably, at any points in their careers. This was a salary dump. Flames fans, we don't pull out the 'we were fans of the team before 2004' card too often, but we are doing it here. We have seen the team give up good players before, but there was always an excuse: the team couldn't afford them. With the Flame fan reawakening in 04, the new CBA, and new, wealthy owners like Murray Edwards, the team is flush with cash. Not being able to afford a player should not be an issue anymore. And yet we find ourselves looking at the team trading Robyn Regehr because it doesn't want to spend the money it takes to win. Because of money, but more properly, because of cheapness.

That is the worst part of this deal. It was completely avoidable. It was avoidable had they fired Sutter when they should have instead of giving him that extra year. It was avoidable, as the team did not need to give Stajan that contract, or pay Olli Jokinen three million dollars a year when the next comparable offer was nowhere close to that. It was avoidable as they could have sent Kotalik down to the minors and gotten the salary cap hit off the books that way, like the team did with Markus Nilson. It was avoidable, save for the fact Murray Edwards is cheap, and unwilling to pay the cost to win. And because Murray Edwards could afford to do so, and likes to walk around this city and talk about how he wants to win a Stanley Cup, it looks, honestly, like ownership betraying the fans here, a little.

What makes this trade even more terrible is the fact that the Flames were not a good defensive team last year, and that was with Reggie on the blueline. This team gave up a lot of goals. The Flames didn't get any new goalies; the forwards are pretty much the same, so defensive improvements from those sectors of the roster should not be expected. And the team just gutted it's defence. How is that going to improve the teams ability to compete? Is Jarome now going to be asked to score 80 goals to make up for the defensive drop off?

Honestly, the team has invested its money in a goalie who can supposedly win 1-0, 2-1 hockey games. But it then puts in front of said goalie a defence corp that is barely NHL capable. J Blow is soft, and because he is soft, he is ineffective. Gio is all heart and guts, but he is undersized. Cory Sarich stays in the league because of his contract. And Ken Kings puppet has been making noise about bringing back Badsuck and Pardy, which will not replace Reggie's contributions, and in Badsucks case, probably make the team worst defensively.

It speaks to the lack of a coherent plan when it comes to the Calgary Flames. Why have a big money goaltender if the team isn't going to put a solid D-corps in front of him? Why bring in defense oriented coaches if the team is getting rid of the best defensive player on the roster?

It makes no sense. The only explanation for making this move is the cheapness out of Murray Edwards. If the team needed cap space, they could have sent Kotalik and/or Hagman to the minors. The only reason that this was not done was so that Murray could save some money. To clear a bad contract, they traded a solid NHL player for nothing. It's almost worst than the early 90's.

What's next? Matt Stajan has a terrible contract, lets trade Jarome Iginla for nothing to get rid of it!

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.