Saturday, June 25, 2011

Minor Dappage

The Flames didn't trade for Ryan Smyth, and by being involved in the talks, may have (who knows) forced the Oilers to have to trade more than a draft pick to get him. Hurray!

Seriously...we don't even care if the team doesn't draft anybody taller than six feet at this draft. They didn't trade for Ryan Smyth. Hallelujah!

One more thing. Ya'll who saw the the Flames draft will know, but the advantages of having a lawyer GM, huh? Feaster comes up to the podium, and without looking down at his notes (you know, which implies he either wrote his remarks himself, or at least knew them well enough to not have to read) starts to thank the the Twin Cities for their hospitality, congratulates the Bruins for winning the Cup (and on that he should have had a bigger grin) and then starts to talk about Harley Hotchkiss, and the tributes that have poured in. Very classy on behalf of Feaster.

And then...the trade of Reggie. We like Reggie, we thought the team would be better with him on it than with him off it. Obviously. But Reggie has a chance to win in Buffalo, we don't think it is a super great one, but it's better odds than he would have here. If it helps us lose games next year, that might not necessarily be a bad thing if the season is a write off anyways...


Seven million dollars in cap space is not too shabby. Too bad their isn't that many people available worth spending it on (Brad Richards! Alex Tanguay!). And this team has a defence to rebuild.

On the players coming back, the centre will never make the NHL. Unless TSN is lying to us, he is listed at 5'9, 144 pounds. we think everyone reading this blog (females excluded, of course) weigh more than that. So yeah, not going gaga over Mr. Byron. The other cat the Flames got in the deal is a defenceman, Butler, who has played in the NHL, interests us. He is big enough, he shoots left (which everyone on the D does except Sarich, which is sort of a problem), and he may throw a body check. Who knows. He can't be worse than whatever else we are going to replace Reggie with in house (spare us the Pardy bullshit. Pardy playing more than 10 minutes a game against real NHL players scares the shit out of us).

So again, happy the team freed up some cap space. Not happy they decimated the blueline to do it. Not going to be happy if they now end up giving a huge deal to Tanguay, especially if the difference between Tanguay and Richards (even if he isn't coming here) cap hit ends up being only a few one or two million dollars. For example, if Tanguay goes for four million and Richards six, we will feel slightly queasy.

Interested in seeing what the team does with the new found flexibility. Hoping they don't go out and sign a contract they will regret in two years. AND NO MORE NMC!

Kotaliksballs is fucking gone! Stajan next!


We won't miss you at all, Ales.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Blogger just nuked our post

Blogger just nuked the post we just spent some time writing. FUCK BLOGGER. This weekend we are going to look at moving the site, because this is like the 3rd or 4th time blogger has done this to us.

Anyways, we can't rewrite the post. Sorry. It was good so we are pissed.

The short: Reggie was disrespected by not being allowed to provide Ken King a list of teams he would approve a trade too, and then working on trading him to those teams. Making a trade with Buffalo, a team he doesn't want to go to, and then making it public, is the type of joke shit that makes players like Tim Erixon not want to play here.

Trading for Ryan Smyth is fucking retarded, and asking Reggie to move so we can bring in Ryan Smyth is about the lowest thing we have ever seen this organization do. On top of that, the idiot running the Flames, Ken King, isn't even making the Kings cough up a high pick for us to do them a favour and take on Smyth's contract. He isn't because he isn't very smart, but hey, we already knew that.

People, the window is closed. We need to rebuild. That may take years. That means there is almost no point in holding on to Reggie, Jarome, Kipper, Bourque, Jblowsover0.08, or Stajan. Which means there is no point in acquiring Smyth, other than to waste more of Murray Edwards money.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Free Idea

Hey, Calgary Flames. What up?

First, we know you got guys who read us. You guys, we got an idea for you. Take it to your boss. It will get you a promotion.

This year, you should raise a banner in tribute to the original owners of the Calgary Flames.

Ok, not the original original. You don't raise the banner for Skalbania. But you do raise a banner for the local ownership group: Hotchkiss, Green, Kwong, the Seamans, and Scurfield. You know, the people who not only brought a team to this city, but also a championship.

Alright? Because you guys, the Flames, talk the talk about being a classy organization all the time. This would be an excellent way to walk the walk.

So, just so we are clear: Raise a banner for the original local owners. Because it is the right thing to do.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Harley Norman Hotchkiss AKA Hero

Harley Norman Hotchkiss died today.

It's a sad day for Calgary, Alberta, and Canada. Our nation lost a true Roman, if you will, today.

We say this because Harley dedicated his life towards improving his adopted land of Alberta. A Man by all measures, Harley worked tirelessly in a variety of causes, never seeking glory or acknowledgement for his actions, actions that acknowledgement and glory were necessarily attached to.

To begin, the man is a Hero. He enlisted and served in World War Two. Anybody who fought the Nazi's is Golden, in our view. He served in the Merchant Marines, which meant he had to brave the sea wolves that were the Nazi submarines. Harley was a brave man.

After the war Harley would go on to be educated, earning a degree in science. But a sheepskin is simply that if one does not use it. And Harley used his to great effect. Going out into the world, Harley would begin empire building himself, overseeing very successful ventures in a variety of industries, primarily oil and gas, but also in the consulting world, and even real estate.

Of course, this success would aid him in hobby of making Alberta a great, first world, top of the class place to live. His success in the business world allowed him and the other original owners of the Calgary Flames to get together and buy the Atlanta Flames and move them to Calgary. Anybody who knows the stories of the Seamans knows that this was done for a variety of reasons. One, so that the people of Harley adopted province could feel proud about themselves because they were now 'big league', but also because they (the original owners) viewed the purchase of the team as a way to promote the sport in Canada, and as a way to fight what they saw as the 'Sovietization' of hockey at that time. If you fight the Nazi's and the Reds, you are Golden-Gilded-in-Gold.

And if course, Harley and the original owners remain the only Flames administration to have ever won the Stanley Cup, something which the City and it's citizens will always cherish.

When bequeathing gifts on Alberta, and Calgary, Harley did not stop with the acquisition of a professional hockey team. Harley cared about the region, and spent a lot of time promoting various causes within it. He was a very kind hearted philanthropist, getting behind numerous initiatives in Alberta and Calgary. He would be instrumental in a variety of fund raising endeavours, with a large amount of them geared toward the hospitals in Calgary. For instance, between 1994 and 1997, he would go on to raise $50 million dollars for the health system in Calgary. This money would go on to be used to purchase state of the art medical equipment that the Calgary area hospitals did not have. More than this, though, by providing the hospitals with state of the art tools, he would attract the top of the class doctors, as these doctors wanted to use these tools. Harley is very much part of the reason we have world class hospitals in Calgary (and therefore Alberta) today.

As much as we, the general community and the sports fan, will praise Harley for his hockey endeavors today, it is his work with the hospitals and within health care that he should get the most praise for. Put simply, Harley saved peoples lives by providing the money the hospitals needed to upgrade their facilities. Saving even one life is obviously a greater accomplishment than anything he did as it relates to hockey.

Harley was a Man, as we have said, and Men are trustworthy. Harley served on numerous boards in the both Canada and the US in his working career. He was viewed as someone with integrity, and so boards eagerly sought his presence. He served either as chairman or board member for organizations both related to sport, health, geology, development, and even tourism. An intelligent and creative man, he was never over his head or out of his element. For instance, he would play a key role in the preparation of the Calgary Olympics.

In fact, for his various work, he would earn the not only the Alberta Order of Excellence, but also be made a companion of the Order of Canada, back when that award was not as tainted as it has become today. Of course, for his work in hockey, he would also be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Murray Edwards, in many ways, walks in the shoes of Harley. Both view the ownership of the team as a sort of gift to the people of Calgary and Alberta. These men could have invested that money in other endeavors with greater return, so it should rightly be viewed as the gift that it is. Both men spearhead a lot of charity in this region, but also around the world, and both men earned the trust of the business community in which they worked. And for whatever reason, both men stubbornly refuse(d) to fire Ken King.

The Flames didn't lose a former owner; The City of Calgary, the Province of Alberta, the Country of Canada, lost a Hero, and a Man. We should all aspire to reach a small fraction of the people, and do a small fraction of the good, that Harley did for this world.

Requiescat in pace.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Light Posting

Probably till Wednesday.

Oh, before we go: the cap is at $64 million. Brad Richards! Alex Tanguay! Both!

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Truth. Anyways, call your Father. Get the 'love you's' in.

And give him some fucking grandchildren already, will you?

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

P.S. My Dad is the best. So if you bought one of them mugs, you best throw it out before I start the litigation.