Thursday, April 21, 2011

Semi Serious

The mythical and legendary DB crew was doing a little sleuthing on the teams main owner, Murray Edwards.

And Domebeer-aholics, you know what? We are changing our opinion of the guy entirely. Entirely, Domebeer-aholics. You gotta hear some shit.

So you know that Murray Edwards is a super hero capitalist? Well, being a super hero capitalist is not easy, and it is not quick. It takes dedication, and it takes time. Murray Edwards is an absentee owner because, put simply, he is too busy doing real world shit to waste his time on what is essentially a toy.

Murray Edwards was worth 2 billion plus dollars a few years ago. Then the house of cards that was the financial sector of the American economy (we aignt going to bury the Canadian banks; some of the best banks in the world) collapsed as house of cards are wont to do, and Murray Edwards lost a billion dollars in net worth. Imagine, Domebeer-aholics, if someone was to take half of your shit. You would be fucking pissed off. And if you were also a super hero capitalist, you would get even.

Our super hero capitalist Murray Edwards did just that. Over the last couple of years, Murray Edwards has been busy making that billion dollars that he lost back. And you know what? Of course you know what: He did. Stock splits, acquisitions, all that, and he made his billion back, and is back sitting on two large B's.

Which leads us to our point. Murray Edwards is too busy being a baller in the business world to run the team personally. We get that, we understand that, we applaud his super hero capitalist thang. But that means, because the cat is so busy making bank, he needs to rely on the people he has hired to run the team to run the team well.

Which means that Ken King has an inordinate amount of power in this organization, because Murray Edwards has made Ken King his regent. And Ken King has had this power for at least a decade now.

Which, of course, makes Ken King culpable for what has happened with the franchise, and it makes him as culpable as Darryl Sutter, a man who was guillotined for his crimes against the franchise. If they thought Darryl deserved to be fired (and he did), why isn't King walking the plank as well?

There is more, as there always is at DB. Murray Edwards, in his business, has management depth. What this means is he hires people who are over-qualified to work in positions that are below where they would be working in other organizations. In English, this means that a president of one of his business divisions is a talented person, but the vice president is also good enough that he could also be the president, and that if the president was to leave, the vice president could take over. And these layers of management depth permeate through the organization.

The Calgary Flames lack this management depth. We are cynical, so we think it's because Ken King doesn't want anyone else in the organization that could potentially take his job. And while this situation is nice for Ken King, we think it hurts the Calgary Flames organization as a whole.

Anyways, we wanted to be quick. It's something to chew on, at the very least. And yeah, we are in the Fire Ken King crowd now (do you know he likes to micromanage the creation of those awful opening videos you see at the game? That is reason enough to fire the guy!).

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There Might Not Be A Post Today

Because, like, dude... uhh, what? What were we talking about again? Dude. Cheezies, we need to get some cheezies. And some pickles, dude. Yeah dude, pickles, and like, and like, uhhh, dude. Dude, we need pickles and humus, man. And more bong hits, dude. Where's the bong at? Uhh, what? Dude, dude, look at our hand, dude...

Dude, the Flames, brah. What up with that? Total bummer, eh dude? Missing the playoffs totally harshes my mellow, dog.

*bong rip*

What up with that Bouwmeester dude, man? He looks like his mom cuts his hair. What a dork, dude. And like, dude, we hit the bong more in 25 minutes than Bouwmeester hits opposition players. But, like, dude, at the same time, Bouwmeester is like our favourite player man. Yeah, like, after the bong hits dude, you know, you get hungry, and if there is one thing you can count on Bouwmeester for, dude, is that he will supply the turnovers. Turnovers are so good, dude.

*bong rip*

Uhh, what? Haha, yeah.

*bong rip*

Dude, everyone keeps talking about how soft Stajan is, but like, man, we don't get it, brah. Matt Stajan took more hits to the head this year than Cheech & Chong at a Sublime concert.

*bong rip*

Yo, what happened to Hagman, dude? He is totally not the player we thought we were getting. It's so narly, man, the way he doesn't score anymore. Did he forget? Did Hagman forget how to...uhh, sorry. What were we talking about, dude?

*bong rip*

Clitsome is a free agent. Hahahahaha. Dude, Clitsome. The Flames should, like, totally sign him, and pair him with Sarich. We could have a Sarich Clitsome, dude.

*bong rip*

Giordano. Whoah dude. Gio-dano. G-i-o-r-d-a-n-o. What a cool name, dude. Uh, what? Haha, Gio.

*bong rip*

Dude, could Feaster eat Ken King? Labinjo could probably eat them both.

*bong rip*

Bits for 420 should probably be written before 4 o clock on April 20th.

*bong rip*

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired. Ken King as well.

Monday, April 18, 2011

More Melodrama

Bitch. bitch, bitch. Whine, whine, whine. We will try to get some more bits out for the summer.

But for now...

Still have not heard Murray Edwards thoughts on his team, it's direction, where he sees the team going from here. Still have not heard Murray Edwards pronounce from on high what the organizations mission statement is, the goals of the organization, or anything like that.

Which is odd.

Ken King is paid by Murray Edwards something. If it is to play vassal, that's ok (it isn't ok), but then we need to hear all of this from Ken King. Which we have not. We haven't even heard from Jay Feaster what he would like to do with this team moving forward, what direction he would like to take the team.

The lack of direction, the lack of leadership, is disconcerting.

Is there confusion in the organization? Does the organization know what it is doing? We think it is a fair question. How many GM's has this organization burned through since 2000? There was Coates, there was Button, there was Darryl, and now Feaster (and maybe someone else new in a week or two). Very roughly, four GM's in 10 years? How many coaches has this organization burned through in that time?

Does the organization know where it wants to go? Does it know how to get there? Or is it simply flailing wildly?

If Murray Edwards just wants to own, and sign cheques, but pay no attention to his team, that's fine. But if he is going to be the abdicator in chief, he needs to higher competent, serious, proper people to look after the organization.

He needs to install a President who won't be bullied around and into bad decisions. Depending on the narrative you believe, either Darryl Sutter had total control over every decision made, which means Ken King is a doormat, or Ken King was also actively involved in every decision Darryl made, which makes him culpable for the idiocy. Either way, it doesn't look good on King, and in fact, makes him look replaceable. Either he is meek and is able to be pushed into making decisions by someone elses force of personality, which means he should be fired, or he has the Matt Stajan, Ales Kotalik, Nik Hagman, Steve Staios (and that's just from this year!) blood on his hands, which means he should be fired. Either way, Lanny McDonald should be doing Kings job right now.

Besides that, Edwards needs to hire a competent GM. Feaster may or may not be that. We here at Dome Beers don`t think he is. We would prefer hiring someone who is hard to get, if that makes any sense (Bob Gainey). At the same time, this organization is in such a whole, if Feaster actually does want to risk ruining his reputation trying to fix this, we might as well let him. We wonder how many serious GM`s would want to take on the risk of failure that this team carries with it (with the blocked salary cap, lack of cheap talent on the farm, etc).

We thought MacFarlane wrote a good article, summing up the situation. We consistently lose to the best teams in the West. We all know this, or should know this. The team needs to get better, and appreciably better.

Here, let me get real with the Domebeer-aholics. A Z R, your humble correspondent, spent $1,400 on Flames tickets this year, and probably another $200 on general swag.

Next year, as it is now, I don`t plan on spending anywhere near that. Why not? Because, currently, there is no hope.

Sports are funny. There is only one winner at the end of the day. Because of this, most sport franchises are in the business of selling hope. Now selling hope is a tricky thing; If you sell too heavily, you corrode the fanbase: selling hope to a fanbase when the team is in a hopeless situation implies that the hope sellers think the fanbase is stupid.

As I see it, it looks like, to me, that the Flames think the ticket holders are stupid. This team was a shitty team at the start of the offseason, everyone knew it, and we were told to shut up because of 97% season ticket holder renewal rate. Then the season plays out, the team predictably misses the playoffs. We are not told about the renewal rates, because Ken King doesn't even feel the need to speak to the media, and the media, happy to have someone in the organization speak to them (Jay Feaster) doesn't even think to ask. How is this team going to get better? Nothing. What is the map for this organization? Where is the plan from how we go from point A to point B? Nothing.

Instead, we get 'Remember the Run', as if that mid season run came against real teams, or was indicative of the teams absolute potential. The implication being that the team is actually close to being a contender, a few tweaks away from leaping out of the pretender category. With all do respect, fuck that shit. I am not paid by the organization to carry its water. I don't have to pretend.

When the team is losing a fan like me, who is diehard, who goes to the games, who runs a fucking blog about them, it's in trouble. And it isn't the losing, but it's how they are losing. It is the bad cap decisions, the bad drafting, keeping Tod Button employed despite the bad drafting, the shitty in-Dome game experience with the terrible music and hackneyed entertainment ideas, the organizations efforts to control the message through force rather than through performance. It's four years to Matt Stajan, in a sentence. It is the fact that them team does not seem serious about winning.

And right now, I'm just looking for signals from the organization that it is getting serious about winning, that it acknowledges the position it is in, it has thought soberly about it, and it has come up with a coherent gameplan about dealing with it. Until I see that, I won't pretend, and I probably won't be buying many tickets.

(Honestly, boring hockey with bad music and bad food isn't that appealing anymore. They would be in trouble if they didn't serve that beer...)

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.