Friday, November 26, 2010

Life And Times Of Harvey The Hound, Volume Three, Part One

No RTPIC this week folks. Wait, wait, don't slit your wrists. Put the razor down. It's going to be ok, we promise.

In place of the coveted and much sought after Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award, we bring to you, dear Reader, for your reading pleasure, the latest installment of DeathHammers epic Life and Times of Harvey The Hound. And folks, this time around, epic is used in the full sense of the word.

For volume three of The Life and Times Of Harvey The Hound is so large, so grandiose in scale and design, that DeathHammer had to separate it into three pieces.

The Shakespearean story takes place amid the settings of the wilds of professional wrestling. Those unfamiliar may want to keep a handy glossary near by.

As crazy as this plot gets, folks, just remember: The only thing real in professional wrestling are the miles and the money.

Bon appetit.

"You'll never make it, No one will ever know you existed!"

No, it wasn't Jason Smith telling his family his version of a bed time story.

Saddledome fans were enraged that some WHL post -grad took a shot at Iggy. Fights broke out all over the place, as everyone paired off (except for J-Blow of course), and the donnybrook was on! "Man oh man." Harvey thought to him-self, "Just like the old days." Even better, Raitis Ivanans, squared off at centre ice with whatever punk piece of shit heavy weight the bicycle fucking City of Vancouver Canucks were rocking. Haymakers were being thrown all over the place. The crowd was going nuts. "This was for the belt," Harvey thought...buts when it hit him. It felt like a heart attack, or driving down Elbow Drive. He fell backwards, as he was brought back, back to a time when he wasn’t the best damn mascot in the NHL (AND HE BANGED THIS CHICK!).

6 days before The Royal Rumble and the locker room was in utter bedlam. Ratings were down and word was that the old script had been scrapped. This was the WWE though, and everyone knew the winner of the Rumble was going to Wrestlemania, were they'd be crowned the new franchise.

The bookers had their favorites too, and it was easy to see who they were. There were two main factions. First, The Calgary Kids, who were made up of Bret "Hitman" Hart, Theo Fleury, the Brazilian Blind Guy, Dumpster Baby's Dad, the mysterious 13th MAN, and our hero, Harvey The Hound. Their main rivals were The Mad Douches. They were made up of such super stars as Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Zombie Andre The Giant, Zombie Benoit, and a couple of drunk Rider Fans. The new king of wrestling would come from one of these stables.

The current champ was Sting. He was fine dropping the title to anyone because his contract was running out, and Vince wanted him to lose at The Rumble anyways. Keep in mind that the winner of the belt, and the winner of the Royal Rumble, would control wrestling for years to come.

"Who do you think they're going to put the belt around?"

It didn't matter who asked the question, because everyone knew they were asking Bret.

"Knowing Vince... (Spiting his chew on the ground, looking up slowly, with a grin)...knowing Vince, he'll go with what he knows best, and which could be good for us."



Everyone was there at the meeting. Too many to list other than Arn Anderson (brother booked!), Batista (in MMA), Big Daddy V (FAT!), Billy Kidman , British Bulldog (WOOP YOUR ASS BOY!), Buddy Rose, Bushwhacker Butch (licked ass), Bushwhacker Luke (licked toes), Butch Reed, Candice, Cherry, Dawn Marie (fired her while pergo's), Dean Malenko, Diamond Dallas Page, Doink (a clown), Duke Droese, Earthquake (DEAD), Gillberg, Goldberg (ended Hitman's career), Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Not Dead), Irwin R. Schyster, Ivory, Jamie Noble, Jazz, JBL (On Fox Business), Jonathan Coachman (on ESPN), Kamala (Legend of Wrestling), Katie Lea, King Kong Bundy (DEAD) Lance Storm, Lilian Garcia, Lita, Luna Vachon (DEAD), Maria, Mickie James (Sings Country), Miss Elizabeth (DEAD), Molly Holly, Randy Savage, Rikishi, Road Warrior Animal (the other one's dead), Ron Simmons, S.D. Jones, Sable (married Brock Lesner), Shawn Michaels (sabotaged careers), Shelton Benjamin (quitter), Sid (stabbed Arn's bro), Slick, Stacy Keibler, Steve Williams (DEAD), Sunny (DEAD), Tajiri, The Hurricane, The Rock (former Stamp), Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Tugboat (DEAD), Ultimate Warrior, Umaga (DEAD), Vader, Virgil, and Yokozuna (DEAD).

Tensions were even higher than normal, as a lot of the wrestler had just finished a line of cocaine, and had also just finished injecting steroids into their butts.

"Sit down, Sit down everyone." Vince's assistant came out, flat as usual, trying to get the room to settle down. "Now that everyone's quite, I'll introduce Vincent Kennedy McMahon!" The lights hit and music started to blare as McMahon came out of his lock room, walking like Mr. Jefferson had some cracker ass crackers to assault, into the docking station they were all meeting in. The room was silent when the music stooped.

"Hello boys. Hot as hell outside, eh?" He said exuberantly, slapping some mid-card reject on the back." I know that you have all been wondering about the direction that the company may be headed in. Let you all be assured that all your jobs are safe, and you will all get a chance to compete, and show the world what talent you were blessed with... until after the Rumble. We are cutting fat after the Rumble. A lot of changes have to be made. A recession out there, you know, many of our fans are hurting. And I'll say to you all, as a man of my word, I will keep the best and most valuable, but cut you if..., I mean give you an employment required drug test to determine if you are healthy enough to be with the company, even if you're a main-eventer or a mid carder. Now here's how it is going to work for the Intercontinental title...


Everyone knew who said that. Hollywood Hulk Hogan. "You think you're just gonna drug test me, or some of my boys, and get rid of some of the high salaries? You know how many asses I put into seats tonight, Vince? You know I'm selling out MSG for the Rumble? You know how many PPV buy's I'll rake in on Sunday? Guess how many yellow bandannas I sell, Brother? Cut to the chase Vince, what's going down with the title, and which football stadium am I selling out for Mania?

"The title?"

"Yeah, the mother fucking World Heavyweight Championship, the one that fucking spins." Hogan replied.

"Well Hulk, you're right. Your merchandise sales, and ratings spikes have been a bright spot. But I was thinking of having Sting drop the title to Bret, and then having Sting come back and eliminate you from the Rumble match as a send off."

"If you fucking do that, McMahon, I'll fucking sue you! I have creative control, and Sting will not get his last big over with the audience with me! I'm not jobbing for anyone! Vince, I'm beating Sting, and Bret can..."

"Bret can what?" a new voice chimed in.

"Harvey, please" the Hitman whispered.

"Who the hell interrupted me!"

"Me, Har-V-D. A rookie with the Calgary Kids! You think we're afraid of you, Hukster? We're sick of you trying to control the story, that's why ratings are down! Fuck you old man, your old lady is getting fucked by some kid in your house, in your bed, and he ain't bald either!"

With that said, Hogan and the rest of the Mad Douches walked up to the Kids. Then, without any words, Hollywood spat in Harvey's face, and leg booted him in the chest. Mayhem ensued, as the two factions could barley be separated.

Bret went after Hogan. Zombie Andre went after Theo, not betting on number 14's tenacity. Zombie Benoit went looking for more family members to kill, while HBK just fucked off in the back somewhere. And of course, the two drunk as fuck, swearing in front of kids and stuff, Riders fans, went right after the mysterious 13TH MAN, blaming him for all sorts of shit. They tried to smear poo on him, as you know, that's how Rider fan gets down.

"Stop, stop or I'll have you all drug tested right now!" Vince pronounced. "Keep this energy for the ring. Hogan, you're right, you are a better fit for champ right now. You can beat Sting, and Bret will win the Rumble. We'll talk about Mania after."

The room slowly emptied in a loud, Sport Chek zone type ruckus.

"You alright, Harvey?" asked Dumpster babies dad.

"Yah. We'll get 'em at the Rumble."

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Thing With Gambling Is You Have To Win

We respect Darryl Sutter. By all accounts, he is a wonderful father to all his children, and a caring husband to his wife. He is loyal to those who have helped him in the past, and despite the gruff exterior, willing to offer a helping hand to those he feels deserves it. He takes his job seriously. He is by all measurements of meaning, a 'Good Man'.

This franchise was drifting when he came in. Pre-lockout, the last time the Flames averaged over 19,000 people in the building was 1995, the year of the other NHL lockout. Our point totals from 1995-1996 to 2003-2004 (lockout to lockout) go 79, 73, 67, 72, 77, 73, 79, 75, 94. That 94 point season comes with Darryl on the bench, largely fueled by players Darryl acquired. The attendance happens to pick up because the team goes to the Stanley Cup in 2004. Post lockout, the Flames have played to a sold out house.

(Team payrolls pre lockout were small (for this team). According to this, from 1995-96 to 2003-04, the payrolls look a little something like (all numbers in millions of dollars) $16, $20.7, $21.6, $28.3, $33.3, $35.2. The jumps in payroll over the time period looked at have no correlation at all to jumps in attendance (and if you look at the paragraph above, on results either), because there wasn't any.)

A lot of the turn around is because of Darryl Sutter. As fans, the fact that he made the team we cheer for relevant again earns him high praise.

Post lockout, and after a Stanley Cup appearance, with a full building and full sponsorships, a Greenback destroying (and hence, Canadian dollar strengthening) policy being employed by the American Fed, and a fresh, stability friendly CBA in hand, the team raised salaries. They had too. The fan base had been awakened, and demanded the Cup that had been so close they could smell. We suspect being so close to the goal affected Darryl as well. The team was in 'win now' mode, and the moves made reflected that. The team could afford to sign its own stars for the first time in a long time, and did, inking Iggy, Kipper, and Reggie to long term contracts. Draft picks were traded for the supplementary help that this trio would need to compete. Money was spent on the free agent market. On paper, great teams were assembled for the expressed purpose of winning a Stanley Cup.

Self pity on us all, it didn't work. Despite having teams that would go on to win division titles, the years post lockout, from 2005-06 till 2008-09, the Flames would lose in the first round of the playoffs each year. Of those four series, only two of them were pushed to a seventh game. The 2009-10 season we didn't make the dance. The points totals from 2005-06 to 2009-10 go 103, 96, 94, 98, 90. Payroll increased year over year for all of those years. In fact, payroll has increased year over year for every year since damn near the 1994-95 lockout season for this team.

Now, having the team make the playoffs for 5 straight years isn't in itself a failure, and may be properly viewed as an accomplishment, if the expressed purpose and mandate of the club wasn't to win the Stanley Cup. The team made money, the value of the franchise soared, and the team, as we have said, was relevant again. But it wasn't winning Stanley Cups. It wasn't even getting close. So pressure built.

Darryl Sutter had, to one degree or another, assured the citizens that a championship was on its way. Every year that went (goes) by without one, Darryl lost (loses) some of his credibility. We, as fans or even as media, take a lot of things for granted. When the team is going to the playoffs on an annual basis, you take that for granted. In 2003-04 making the playoffs was good enough, and the rest was gravy. In 2008-09 making the playoffs wasn't even praise worthy anymore. And getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs, which again in 2004 would have been fine (well not really we played the Canucks in the first round but you get the point) was viewed as a failure. It isn't fair, but fair is a concept developed outside of nature, so it doesn't apply to reality. Reality is this: Sutter came in talking a lot of junk. He basically claimed his predecessors were idiots, he was a genius who could lead us to the promised land, and he should be left alone to do just that. Because the owners bought in (hell, we all did), Darryl was given dictatorial powers over the hockey team. 'In Sutter We Trust' was the manifestation of this 'don't question my moves I know better' attitude from Sutter. Reality is that you can have this attitude if you win a championship. Reality is Darryl didn't deliver. Reality is the shine has diminished.

During the 2008-2009 season, when Darryl had installed his desired 'big time' coach on the bench, in the rusted Iron Mike, he made a gamble that would change this franchise. Darryl traded for the missing piece of the Stanley Cup puzzle, Olli Jokinen. The trade put the Calgary Flames dangerously close to the salary cap limit. Fate, the Hockey Gods, they hate to be tempted and teased. Darryl getting the Flames so close to the cap that they would have trouble dealing with injuries is the definition of laughing at the Hockey Gods, at Fate. And when you laugh at the them, they punch you in the face. Of course the Calgary Flames would experience injuries down the stretch that forced them to ice incomplete rosters. It's Murphy's Law, and Darryl, being a rancher, a profession filled with risk, should have known about it.

Hey, the guy had done a lot of good for the franchise. He was allowed to gamble. Although that's strike one.

The 2009-10 season, we all know, was one where Darryl kept his job by sacrificing Keenan, and brought in the next 'big time' coach who would guide the team to the promised land, his brother Brent Sutter. Darryl was also aggressive in the free agent market, signing the big fish of that year, Jay Bouwmeester. The blueline was stacked, the goalie world class, Jarome and Olli were to be a dynamic duo, Bourque would provide scoring depth, the tables were once again set for a run at the Stanley Cup. And then they actually played 82 hockey games.

As the disaster that was the 2009-10 season was unfolding, Darryl would not gamble once, but twice. He would trade Dion Phaneuf and his $6.5 million dollar cap hit was traded because Darryl wanted to move resources from the blueline to the forwards (and the other stuff, but we are not getting into it). Gamble number one of that year. When that didn't appear to work, he would then trade Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust to the NY Rangers for a few weeks of Chris Higgins (the proud owner of 6 points in 20 games this season), and a few years of Ales Kotalik. Needless to say, gamble number two did not work either (and in full honesty, the trade for Kotalik is when Darryl lost me, AZR, forever, so that is my bias).

With three big gambles that had come up bust in two years, Darryl was allowed to guide this franchise back into the free agent markets. Now you may not all consider resigning Tanguay and Olli Jokinen gambles, but we do, because of what it represents. Darryl was at a crossroads, and he chose to double down on the 2009-2010 season. It is fine to remain in the win now mode, but it isn't if you're plan is to go into battle with a roster that had proven it couldn't even make the playoffs the year before. We have no idea why he did this, but that is essentially what he did. He could have moved people, he could have chosen not to sign people. He could have acknowledged the way the wind was blowing (that we needed another impact forward), but he didn't. He chose to stick with Jarome Iginla as his sole impact forward (and domebeer-aholic Kent Wilson will attest that at that point Iggy wasn't even that anymore) and supplement him with scrap heap pickups (Tanguay and Olli). He had to go that route because he had wasted the cap space he created with the Dion and Olli trades by signing (or accepting the contracts of) solid but unspectacular players like Hagman and Stajan. He had to pay White, and he had the anchor contract of Kotalik. Again, instead of making trades (or buying people out) to create space so that he could then sign an impact player or trade for one, he chose to stick with what he had. That was a gamble by Darryl, and almost everyone in the hockey universe knew it was a bad one. And as expected, so far the gamble to double down on 2009-10 has us 27th place in the league, 14th place in the conference, 4th in the division.

In other words, out of the playoffs.

We started out this post talking about how Darryl is a good man. That's because we want to stress that this is not personal, and despite some of the crews biases against the man, not done out of spite. He wasn't trying to wreck the franchise. He made those gambles because he thought he would come out on top. All gamblers do. But he hasn't come up on top in quite some time now. You don't keep allowing a loser to gamble with your money if you want to have any of it left at the end of the day. Winners can gamble all day, because they win, through luck, preparation, whatever. As long as they win, it's fine. And as long as Darryl was winning, it was fine. He is a victim of his own success in many ways, as his winning regular seasons made winning regular seasons passe.

But that doesn't absolve him from responsibility. If you promise seriousness, purpose, and Stanley Cups, then you have to deliver eventually. Sutter hasn't. The man has a taste for gambling. The question is should he be allowed one more roll of the dice. Our position is he has been allowed quite enough rolls as it is. He should be thanked for the service he did this organization, and he should be removed before he trades Jarome or Kipper or the first round draft pick for three 28 year old 45 point players.

And then we need to decide in which manner are we to go out and acquire talent. But that is another post for another day.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's A Post

If you go to Calgary Flames games, or have to suffer through their commercials on the radio or tv, you are probably aware that the marketing for this club is terrible. It can be terrible because, what, you going to cheer for another team? But just because they move a lot of merchandise it doesn't mean they have good marketing.

And, we think, the Flames themselves have acknowledged this fact. They have done so by sanctioning a contest that, wait for it, allows you, the fan, to do the job of the Calgary Flame marketing department, for free!

Yes, the Calgary Flames are putting the power of persuasion into your hands, and asking you to create a 30 second commercial about the 'C' of Red. Because if they (the Calgary Flames) did it, it would suck, and they probably know that.

Honestly, Flames standing in a dark stadium, looking solemn and having Johnny Cash's 'I Won't Back Down' playing in the background is the official Calgary Flames Sportsnet commercial, and it is about as exciting as watching a Curtis Glencross breakaway (Spoiler Alert: He doesn't score). As an aside, we like how they won't play country music at the 'Dome, but they will use it in their commercials. Fire the people who play techno music after goals.

We just looked for the Sportsnet commercial on the youtube and didn't find it. We hope you know what we are talking about, so you can follow along. They use the same one for the Oilers, maybe you have seen that one (what the hell is that about, by the way?) Anyways, now that you know the type of commercial that Sportsnet pays for, you know that the bar isn't set all that high in terms of creativity, excitement, watchability (damn you Budweiser!), ect.

We can win this contest, people. And if you win the contest, you win 10 large. Should Dome Beers produce a commercial? We are leaning towards it. 10 grand will buy a lucky section a lot of 'domebeers. Actually, we would probably host a Dome Beers party, and only let domebeer-aholics in. Velvet rope and everything.

Lots of things one could make a commercial about. The Flames are what they like to call a target rich environment. But the point of this thing is to win, right? So we probably won't make any commercials that feature Ales Kotalik using wads of cash to light his cigars on fire, even though we should.

Should we talk about how the ownership group of this team is jacked up? How Seaman and Hotchkiss, the owners who know something about hockey, are like 80 years old and may die? How the majority owner, Edwards, who is young and not near death, knows nothing about hockey?

Should we talk about how Brent Sutter's 40 win campaign last year would have got Keenan or Playfair fired?

Anyways, we are freeballing with ideas right now. We can see a commercial where the camera pans over a full Saddledome, and the fans in the stands look up, and they are all Sutters! A 'Twilight Zone' nod, if you will.

Lots of good ideas. We are going to let them percolate in our heads a few nights before we start unveiling anything official.

We like baseball, and because we like baseball, we like Did you know there is a Did you know that you can sponsor pages? Did you know that nobody on the Flames roster is sponsored, save Jarome ( What kind of fun could we have with this?

Domebeer-aholics, you tell us who you would like us to sponsor. Right now we are thinking Brandon Prust, with the message 'traded for herpes', with herpes being a link to Ales Kotalik's capgeek page.

Karlsson, or however you spell it, is starting. He starts winning games, we will start using the google to see how to spell his name correctly. Deal?

Actually the Karlsson topic leads us back to Darryl. What is the point of having a back up if he isn't good enough to start in the league? Same thing with Ivansuck, why have him on the team if he can't do the job? Maybe if he stopped blowing money on tough nosed hockey players like Stajan (Darryl thought he would be short centres, right? That's why this chump took us for a four year contract, right?) and spent the required money on backups and enforcers...well, this wouldn't be a Darryl Sutter team then, so nevermind. Continue to cheap out at positions that cost us wins.

Dirty joke? sure.

An escaped convict broke into a house and tied up a young couple who had been sleeping in the bedroom. As soon as he had a chance, the husband turned to his voluptuous young wife, bound up on the bed in a skimpy nightgown, and whispered, 'Honey, this guy hasn't seen a woman in years. Just cooperate with anything he wants. If he wants to have sex with you, just go along with it and pretend you like it. Our lives depend on it.'

'Dear,' the wife hissed, spitting out her gag, 'I'm so relieved you feel that way, because he just told me he thinks you have a really nice, tight-looking ass!'

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Where Was The Fight

Marc Staal hit Stajan during the game.

Was it dirty? We don't care. Looked clean enough. Stajan has to keep his head up and not watch his pretty passes . Also, this isn't even the first time this season someone has blown Stajan up. Something of a pattern is developing here. Honestly, how do you put yourself in that postion? And we gave this jabroni a long term contract?

Good, now that is out of the way.

The Calgary Flames needed to fight after that hit. Someone needed to grab Staal and punch him in the face.

And they didn't. What the fuck? The New York Rangers, who run with Gaborik, are tougher than the Calgary Flames?

Look, we understand why the Flames didn't want to fight the next shift. But right after the hit, the Boogie Man wasn't on the ice. That's why you sac up and be a teammate right when Stajan gets hit. Because if you don't, and the Flames didn't, then the zebra blows the whistle, and then Torts puts Boogaard on the ice. Now when you ice Boogaard and the other team doesn't have anybody on the bench that can step up to him, shits over. The rest of the Rangers grow a foot taller, besides gaining the tangible benefit of icing someone who is a fucking giant. 

So we get why the Flames bitched down to the Rangers the shift after the hit. That doesn't absolve them, but we can understand it. Which, again, is why one of Flames had to fight Staal right after the hit. It's embarrassing on the team for not doing that. Even though the 'hard, tough-nosed' identity has been dead for some time for the Flames, this sad display of fake toughness pretty much makes it official. 

This is a one off game. They have to step up. We don't care they were down by a goal. Honour demands they ride to their teammates defence, and they simply didn't. Disturbing.

This isn't terrible on its own. The terrible-ness of this meekness has repercussions. If the team gets a reputation for being a soft, other teams are going to take more liberties with it then they normally would. And when you rock players like Bourque, who gets hurt easy, and Stajan, who seems to have a magnet for body checks somewhere on his body, it is probably best to avoid other teams taking liberties. It seems to us that it would be prudent to develop a little bit of a reputation for not being soft, so we can avoid the little displays that we saw at the Garden.

It's fine to sign an enforcer to the roster. In fact, we encourage it. Did you see what effect Boogaard had on the game when he came out? But don't fill the roster with an enforcer who can't enforce. Ivanans looks like an even more terrible signing when compared to the best of his position. Ivanans is so terrible that the team might as well not even rock an enforcer.

Sarich and Staios...they are on the roster, besides their awesome leadership-per-game stats, to provide toughness. Why the hell didn't one of them grab a Ranger forward and throw down. Why are they on the roster if not to do that?

Ok. Looking here we see Stajan is on the ice with Tangs and Iggy. The blueliners are Gio and player x.

Iggy, the captain of the team, needed to fight, clean hit or not. Where was the fight. Who the fuck cares you are down a goal. Of all the stupid penalties this team (Glencross) takes, they didn't want to take a stupid one after Stajan got hit? Makes us want to puke, to be honest.

And again, Stajan, what the hell are you doing out there? We know the Flames don't make other teams pay a price for going straight through the neutral zone, but come on. This is a hockey game at Madison Square Garden, Stajan. Where the hell is your head at? Stajan is a NHL centre. That means he is suppose to have some vision. How the hell didn't he see Staal leave Iggy, the winger he (Stajan) is suppose to be cognisant of, and come right at him?

Fucking christ, and Morrison missing the Worlds Most Open Net right after, when emotions are high and he has a chance to be a killer, was very cute. We hate this guy.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Stamps Lost, Flames Lost, It Is -20C

Stamps lose, Flames lose, and to top it off, John Cena got fired.


So we are looking at the stat line at the end of the game, and we see the Stamps rushed the ball 13 times. What the shit was that? Why are you letting Hank Burris throw the ball, let alone damn near 30 times, in a big game against the Riders?

Reynolds Cornish between them should have gotten 20, 25 touches. It's insane that Huff chose to throw it through the air. Hank can't go Hank and throw interceptions if he is handing the ball off.

As for the refs. Fuck the refs. Sorry, let us clear our throats. FUCK THE REFS. There, much better.

Look, before the game the Riders coach and staff all huddled up with the refs and damn near broke tape on the Stamps secondary with them. That doesn't look suspicious at all.

And then you see all the tic-tac calls. It's bullshit. The fumble that the Stamps recovered, that the refs called a recovery for the Stamps, gets overturned when they go look at in slow motion replay? You're telling me that was a kosher call? Why doesn't the CFL release the angle they used to prove conclusively that the ball was recovered by the riders? The CFL is a joke league sometimes, but words have meanings, and conclusively is a word with meaning.

And fucking Lysack! Well, they play in the secondary because they have no hands.

Anyways, let's get to the good part. Quoteth Dome Beer favourite, D A:

“You can’t tell me we don’t have a right to our (bleeping) spot,” Anderson said. “At the end of the day, we have to defend as a defender. You tell me the receiver can put two hands on you and push off and then that’s pass interference when you jam him back? C’mon man, Tom Higgins. You like that? Is that what you (bleeping) want? You got it.”

This is an insane quote. Huff, you can't control your players anymore? D A was clearly pissed. We can't remember comments like that from a player. He is on to something. Our secondary was being called very tight the whole game, and the secondary is built around being physical, so it hurt the competitiveness of the unit. And we didn't hear Huff had cut D A yet, so we imagine D A was saying what the club felt, Huff included.

Disappointing game fa sho, but look on the bright side: None of us have to go to Edmonton and risk an STD if we drink the tap water.


So we watch the Grey Cup parade route get cancelled, and we turn to the Calgary Flames game, and shit it looks like we missed a good one. And then guess what happens? Another fucking ref makes another soft call. Oi vey.

We thought Chicago wasn't indicative of anything. It looked like we played a good game and they played a poor one. When we meet them a second time, we will put more stock into the result. The Red Wings, however, we have played before, and we actually seemed, in our limited viewing, to play them pretty tough. The team isn't a second last place team, it just isn't, and it would be sad if we let the players cop out with being one. This team does have talent on it. Jackman and Glencross, and even Gio. If we can get the rest of the guys playing, who knows.

Domebeer-aholics, why was Bourque benched?


Insider trading scandals are great times to buy good financial companies, and by that we mean crooked ones, on a dip. Which makes today a great buying day, and right before Christmas, too!

Links! Links! Links!

Think you're brave? Play a financial index this week, we dare you.

Also, Al Gore admitted to being a fraud, which was nice. We've said on this space before how the green energy movement as it is currently formulated does little good and in fact does a lot of damage to the poor people of the world, which is true. Its nice to have the high priest of the religion, err, movement, confirm it, though.


Because the Stamps lost to the Riders, the Flames lost to the Wings, and sport lost to the refs and organized gambling, here you go:

We love Can-Con.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.