Friday, April 2, 2010

Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award

It is Friday, and that means one thing: fuck it, I got nothing.

Huh? Yeah, you are right. It is also time for the presentation of the Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award (the RTPIC!).

It was a bad, bad week, so the nominations are pretty somber. First, we had that little midget who runs the prison camp that is North Korea try to start a nuclear war by sinking a South Korean naval vessel with a torpedo. Kim, buddy, where did you find the time to start a war when you have all those little girls to rape, cognac to drink, and opium to smoke? Speaking of raping little children, we had the continued allegations that the Pope covered the asses of a bunch of german preists who had little kids ,uh, suck the cream out of their easter eggs. Yuck. To finish off such a sunny, sunny week, we had terrorists blow up a subway in the USSR. Terrible, terrible choices.

This weeks winner of the Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award: Flames fans.

Flames fan began life in 1980. Flames fans mom was a disgruntled Anglo from Quebec, who moved out west when the French started up with their whole 'ban the English language' racket. Flames fans dad was also an easterner, some say Ontario, some say the Maritimes, but either way, he was pissed off about the NEP. Fuck Trudeau. Did you know that communist hung out with Castro? It is fucked up, man.

When the Flames first came to the City of Calgary, they kicked ass and chewed bubble gum, which, in this city, is what they had to do. Because of the teams initial success, Flames fan was able to embrace the team and jump full bore onto the bandwagon. For the Flames first 11 seasons, they were able to make the playoffs, which was awesome, and so the fanbase grew. Flames fan was met with adversity in the form of the hated Oilers, and their star player, Andy Moog. Flames fan had plenty of questions about the team and it's abilities to get it done, but they were treated to the high of highs when the Flames won the Cup in 1989.

Flames fan was tested after this event, however. Following the Cup win, the Flames would make the playoffs in 6 of the next 7 years, but every time they did, they would lose in the first round. Flames fan was fucking pissed. Unfortunately for Flames fan, this would be looked on as the high water mark of the 90's, as for the following 7 years, the Flames would not make the playoffs. A 7 year drought, that is biblical, yo. Such a situation drastically tested Flames fan commitment and devotion to the team, ultimately resulting in Flames fan questioning whether or not home games were even worth going to. Flames fan didn't buy a jersey for years.

Flames fan was contemplating leaving the bandwagon for good when the 2003-2004 Great Fan Awakening happened. Flames fan went back to the Saddledome. Flames fan started cheering and emotionally investing in the team again. Flames fan bought a jersey. And Flames fan saw the bandwagon fill up again.

Unfortunately for Flames fan, the Stanley Cup winning goal scored by Martin Gelinas was kept quiet, so Garry Bettman could have a team from the American South win the Cup. Flames fan would again relive the 1990's, as the Flames would get bounced in the first round for the following 4 years. In the 2009-2010 season, a Flames team that had a world of promise lackluster effort would again test the mettle and patience of Flames fan. A 10 game losing streak saw the bandwagon utterly decimated.

Flames fan, 30 years old, would rally, as would the team. Willed on by Flames fan, who simply would not accept the excuses, the Flames would find a spark of hope, and get themselves back into the playoff race. Were they racing to another first round exit, or a spectacular Stanley Cup triumph down the Red Mile, only time would tell.

For sticking with the team (and for the timely pre puck drop 'Go Flames Go', which Flames fan should do every game if you ask us) Flames Fan wins this weeks Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Doug Kirkwood Rehired

April Fools.

Fuck, what a day not to post. One of the Domebeer-aholics needs to tell my boss that I got more important things to do than prepare year ends for suckas. And as I am the only Domebeer guy who posts...the reader suffers. We apologize.

Hey, did you guys know that people from Vancouver suffer Vaginapagina at a higher rate than anybody in the entire world, including the students at Queens University?

The response from those hippie communists proves the point, I think. Well played, Canuck fans.

Also, optimism is cool again. This city loves the team, eh? We just can't stay mad at the softies.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Are We Even Wasting Our Time With This?

The title, of course, refers to the organization that celebrates losing, mediocrity, and wasted promise like nobodies business, the Vancouver Canucks. Nobody has a fan base as stupid, and nobody has a fan base as annoying, as the Canucks. Some of that can't be helped. Most of them are from Vancouver, a city that has ceded authority over its downtown to crack addicts and prostitutes and calls it 'progress'. There is something in the water, or the education system, over there, and they really can't be faulted for their idiocy. They simply don't know any better. We can still point and laugh at the loser hippies, though, because we do know better. We are the ones living in Alberta, after all.

But there are aspects of the fandom of the average pot head Vancouverite that can and must be called out immediately when noticed. Smoke as much hippie lettuce as you want, the concrete facts remain: You have some weird fetish involving the Calgary Flames, and no, we do not want to make out with you.

Case in point is this lovely article. Found in the incestuous echo chamber that is, I have a right mind to sue them for payment of the dry cleaning bill I will get when I take my soul in to get cleaned over at Rainbow Cleaners. We will be honest: It is a 1600 hundred word article about some whiny Canuck fans memories nobody but his mom could possible care about. We almost fell asleep reading it (war morning wood). However, we promised former Illinois Governor Blagojevich we would take a look at the piece, and we are such fans of the cat and his political chicanery, we gotta follow through.

So in that vein, we present to you a highly cropped, selectively edited version of Domebeers FJM. As always, the original is in italics (fancy!) while my response is normal.

Like a few Canucks fans out there, I am actively rooting for the Flames to miss the playoffs this year. 

The unqualified cheese-dickery begins right away, eh? I know what your thinking: Cheering against us must be better than cheering for a team with Kyle Wellwood on it. But it does come off as 'girlfriend I dumped 5 years ago keeps calling my house and leaving strange messages on my answering machine', does it not?

In all honesty the Flames' management deserves to be punished for some of its shockingly poor decisions, including:

... I know, your wet with anticipation. I know I am after hearing about how Darryl has been such a bad, naughty little girl this year and just needs to punished. With a leather whip, preferably.   

Signing noted 3-goal scorer Jay Bouwmeester for $6.7/year over five season   

Wow. You might as well go out and get one of those 'I'm With Stupid' T Shirts with an arrow pointing up, because that is one of the stupidest things I have read in quite a while. Did you know Darryl had a time machine, used it to go forward in time, saw J Blow scoring 3 goals this year, and went 'Hey, let us sign that noted 3 goal scorer to a 34 million dollar contract'? Because I had always imagined that the decision making process went a little something like this:

05-06: 82 GP, 5 G, 41 A, 46 Points. Average Time On Ice (ATOI): 25:29
06-07: 82 GP, 12 G, 30 A, 42 Points. ATOI: 26:08
07-08: 82 GP, 15 G, 22 A, 37 Points. ATOI: 27:28
08-09: 82 GP, 15 G, 27 A, 46 Points. ATOI: 27:00

I mean, what a fucking schmuck Darryl is for signing that guy, who is 26 years old, to a 34 million dollar, 5 year contract. I mean, fuck that shit right? Wasting money on a 26 year old defenceman when we could have given a 30 year old prima donna goalie 64 million dollars over 12 years. Darryl's a fucking idiot.

Trading for one-quarter of the Toronto Maple Leafs 2009-10 opening night roster 

4/23= 0.17391304347826086956521739130435. 1/4= 0.25. So nice math you got working there, asshat. I mean, if you wanted a line, 4/20=0.20.You could have said one fifth of the opening night roster. I'm sure you were just too high to notice. Also, I'm sure you learned your math in one of those world class Vancouver schools.

 Trading away (almost) 25-year old blue-chip defenseman Dion Phaneuf in a knee-jerk attempt to acquire some scoring  

Huh? Isn't that pretty much the point he made above? Also, the qualification of Dion's age is pretty priceless. I mean, what, he won't talk to you if you get it wrong? Your last point, you got the math wrong, yet you are so concerned with Dion's age being accurate. You Canuck fans are nutty, boy I tell ya.

Hey, I know what would be fun! Let's forget the names of the players involved and look at this trade as it was when it happened (IE: 55 games into the season)

Ugly Islander: 10 Goals, 12 Assists, 22 Points. 6.5 million dollar cap hit. Defenceman.
Ontario Kid: 16 Goals, 25 Assists, 41 Points. 1.750 million dollar cap hit. Forward.
Finnish Guy: 20 Goals, 13 Assists, 33 Points. 3 million dollar cap hit. Forward.
Dude From Manitoba: 9 Goals, 17 Assists, 26 Points. 0.850 million dollar cap hit. Defenceman.
T.O.'s Very Own: 2 Goals, 6 Assists, 8 Points. 1.333 million dollar cap hit. Forward.

So, we traded 22 points that cost 6.5 million dollars for 99 points that cost 6.933 million dollars. Yeah, we lost that trade, alright. You know what would be even more fun? Looking at the numbers since the trade went down.

Dion: 21 GP, 0 (fucking zilch) Goals, 7 Assists. -3.
Stajan: 21 GP, 3 Goals, 10 Assists. Even.
Hagman: 21 GP, 3 Goals, 6 Assists. +2.
White: 21 GP, 2 Goals, 7 Assists, +9 (yeah, plus fucking 9, Dion).
Mayers: 21 GP, 1 Goal, 5 Assists. +2.

So, that's 7 points, no goals, and a minus 3 for 37 points, 9 goals, and a plus 13. Fucking christ, Mayers is a point behind Dion's production. I mean, looking at those numbers, Darryl's a fucking retard for trading Dion, or maybe not so much. I'm glad you bothered to look at the numbers though, hippie Canuck fan. You can really tell you did your research.

Trading for Olli Jokinen last season.

You didn't look this one up, either. When that mentally deficient Darryl Sutter traded for Joker last year, all that dog did was score 8 goals and tally 7 assists (15 points) in 19 games. Last season, Joker was a fine pickup. If only you had ended your sentence at Jokinen instead of feeling the need to qualify it. Because, as you see, when you add that 'last season' qualification, all I am going to do is look at 'last season'. And 'last season' Joker was fine. But I get it, Darryl is a retard because he lacks the ability to see into the future.

Bumping against the cap last season to the point where the team had to dress only 16 skaters due to injuries  

I will admit, I am not sure on the grammar rules of bullet points. With that said, would adding a period at the end of your sentences fucking kill you?

Failing to surround Jarome Iginla, one of the best power forwards in the game, with any sort of offensive talent

When you read this, did you start jumping up and down screaming 'Tony Amonte' like I did? How about we look at a couple of those non-offensive hacks that dunce cap wearing Darryl Sutter brought in:

Absolutely no offensive talent in that bunch, for sure. Stop bogarting the bong and pass it to the left, dude.

EDITORS NOTE: We know Bourque isn't on that list. It would look even worse if we added Bourque, and we must be careful with the feelings of others, after all.

Until acquiring Vesa Toskola, who has been solid for the Flames since they picked him up, failing to acquire an adequate backup for Mikka Kiprusoff, forcing him to play far too many games (76 starts in each of the past two seasons!)

First off, goalies aren't people, so you don't have to feel sorry for them. I know you Emo's out in Vancouver are all touchy feely like that, but please, Kipper is a big boy and doesn't need your sympathy. Remember when the cat won the Vezina trophy? 05-06 was the year. How many games did homie play? 74? He played 74 games that year? Wow, it looks like your complaint is based on bullshit, idiot Vancouver fan. Again, good to see you did your research.

Hey, quick question. How many Vezinas does Loungo have? I bet he has more than Kipper. Just like I bet that the Canucks have more Stanley Cups than the Flames do. Canucks are tots awesome, yo.

And honestly, I hate to harp on it, but you don't end a sentence with a bracket unless you add a motherfucking period to the end of that sentence. I mean, for fuck sakes dude. Go to school and stop getting high.
    Okay, I could go on-and believe me I am enjoying this a great deal-but the Flames' managerial incompetence is not the point of this post. 

    Well, my word. I could have sworn that was the point of the post. It must be me, and not the author of the article who got it wrong. You know what? I was about to kill myself if I had to keep reading this drivel. For reals bro, thanks for stopping.

    Hey, the period made an appearance!

    Because, despite all the karmic justifications for rooting against Calgary, the real reason for my anti-fandom is that AS A VANCOUVER CANUCKS FAN I AM OBLIGATED TO HATE THE CALGARY FLAMES.

    You know the point of living, if your into that Buddhist ish, is to not accumulate karma? No, it's true. If you have karma, good or bad, you are trapped in the life death resurrection cycle, and the whole point of existence is to get out of that cycle and into Nirvana. What? We are talking hockey?

    It's cute, isn't it? Hey, stoner, let me let you in on a little fact you seem to have missed. Flames fans don't hate Canuck fans. No, hockey fans hate Canuck fans. We just happen to be the closest city to you, so you see it out of us the most. Trust me, if you went down to Atlanta, their fans would make fun of your loser franchise too! Having to watch Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi making out with each other on the bench for a couple of years will turn you against a franchise, it's funny that way. And y'all remember 04, when those Vince Carter fans of the Canucks had a temper tantrum and actually threw a sweater on the ice to trip one of our players up? I'm sorry I am the one who has to break this to Canuck fans, but you are fucking scum. Hey, Mr. Wilson agrees! I must be right!

    Sorry folks, the article goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, but I do not want to kill myself, so I'll stop, for health reasons. Trust me, you saw the best parts. I just hope the former Governor of Illinois appreciates the effort, because it is not easy wadding into the pools of dementia that is the thought produced by Vancouver fans.

    Big ass game tonight. The Jets seemed to take last night's game off, so who knows. Good luck to the boys, as we have embraced optimism here at Domebeers.

    Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    Don't Stop Believing

    Six games left. Just six games left in this miserable season. That is, according to conventional wisdom.

    But you know what? Domebeers isn't ready to throw in the towel. Domebeers isn't ready to put sand on the casket. Domebeers is not ready to listen to any fat ladies sing at all.

    A few weeks ago we predicted that the Flames would take Colorado's spot, and make the playoffs. Call us crazy, but it sure appears that is exactly what is transpiring.

    4 points behind Colorado, with 6 games left to play. Colorado has a game in hand, but we play them. We are not kool-aid drinkers here at Domebeers. We know it is a tough slog. But you know what? Fuck the naysayers. This team had heart on it at one point. Those players are still on the team. It is time for them to buck up and wear a cup, and get this thing done. No excuses. This is a max spending team of been through the wars veterans. Colorado is a team full of happy to be here youngsters, who nobody expected to make the playoffs. It's ok if the Avalanche miss the playoffs. Nobody will fire the coach or the GM. They are playing under a different type of pressure.

    6 games left and the eulogies are already being written. We wonder why. Are the media and the Domesphere afraid they will look like company men if they stay behind the team? Are they afraid they will look foolish if they keep beating the war drums for this team? Let's be honest here. At the end of the day, we are all fans. From Pope Maher on down, we do this because at some point in our lives we caught the bug and fell in love with the team. And fans bitch and moan and complain; they call for the heads of the GM and the coach; they demand the star player they loved a month ago to be traded today; they care.

    Does that make you a bandwagon jumper in the sense that we all know it? No, of course not (it does if you don't come back next year, though). It means you have a passion for a team, and that team is not living up to your expectations. But what we have seen these last couple of days, or even weeks, is a disturbing trend among the fanbase. This attitude of 'it's over', when it is very much not over.

    We get it. The trades that GM Sutter made were not great. We got a lot of shit in return for, well, our shit. To me, that is a wash. Dion has not scored a goal since getting traded (man was that cat one ugly motherfucker). Joker has 11 points in 19 games for the Rangers, but 6 of those 11 come on the powerplay. Ok. Maybe the Joker trade isn't a wash, because Kotalik is a (say it with me people) dog, and Higgins didn't put up any points and then got hurt. We understand the 'guillotine Darryl'. We understand that this team has huge problems, which apparently start in the locker room and works out from there. We understand the bizarro-ness of having to describe the Calgary Flames, Sutterized for half a decade, as soft. We get why the fans are down on this team.

    But you know what? You are fans, like we said, because you love the team. And fuck what the numbers say, it is not over. A slumping Colorado team and a Flames team that is getting hot says that this thing isn't over. The LA Kings also seem like they don't want to go on into the post season. There is an opportunity to make the playoffs, and we think that the fans should be embracing it, instead of quitting on the team. We have played so awful this whole year, and we still can make the playoffs? People, that is a great thing, not something to be poo-pooed because some website says we have a 6% chance of making the playoffs. Fucking christ, those are better odds than the ones given for the event of life springing up on this planet. But life did indeed spring.

    We cannot say with certianty that the Flames will make the playoffs. But we are saying that they will. Domebeers is going on the record with this. Put it in stone. And not only that, but we are going to make it out of the first round too, because Chicago or San Jose are not what they were at their heights. They are beatable now, and we have the one and only Mikka, and they got shit. If that means we have to listen to a few more weeks or months of Loubardias being awful, then that is the price that we will pay.

    We know you are frustrated, but we invite you to get back on the bandwagon (this seasons, not the franchises, obviously). We have seats saved for everyone. We are only asking for you to support this team for the next 6 games, that's all. We are not asking you to sip the kool-aid. If they don't win on Wednesday, then by all means, scream and yell and panic loud, flood poor old Pat Steinberg with calls and keep him up till 4. Burn your jerseys on the steps of the Saddledome. But for the next game, and if we win that one, then the next 5, give the team your support. Cheer them, loud, when they skate out on the ice. Do they deserve it? Of course not. But that is what being a fan is about. And can you, fans, sit there and tell me with a straight face that you won't be watching every minute of every game if they do make it into the playoffs? Of course you will.

    The team needs your positive vibes, now more than any point during the season. If you see the Captain walking his dog, give him dap. If you see Reggie racing up and down the street in his fast ass cars, honk. If you see Corey Sarich at the boxing gym...well, you might want to stay away from that man. Bad intentions, that cat has. But you get the point. The body still has a pulse, and we think the fans, and even crotchety ol' Kerr on the radio, should act like it (hey we found one).

    Does that make us company men? So be it. Does that make Domebeers kool-aid drinkers? If it does, it does. But when we make the playoffs, it would sure make us here at Domebeers a lot happier if we had partners riding with us on the bandwagon.

    Domebeers, you got any special powers that can help the Flames out? Nope, but we got a dope montage:

    Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

    Monday, March 29, 2010

    Damn You Simmer And Your Heart Of Gold

    On a serious note:

    Charlie Simmer gets a lot of flak on this site, and professionally speaking, I think he should. He isn't a great colour guy. But Charlie is a great person. Charlie is riding 200k, yeah, that's not a fucking typo, that is two hundred kilometres, for the 'Ride To Conquer Cancer'. If you want to donate to this worthy cause, and you don't know anybody in the race, you can CLICK THIS LINK and donate to Charlie.

    Also, a bunch of Flames Alumni just got back from a trip supporting the troops in Afghanistan. Respect.

    Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

    Legends Of Flames

    Joe Nieuwendyk's Greed

    Like most hockey stories, ours begins on a cold Canadian winter day on a pond in Whitby, Ontario. It was on this pond that that the dreams of hockey glory, and the attendant puck bunnies and keggers that come with it, first started to form in our young protagonists head. Skating with his friends and peers, Joe Nieuwendyk, and his insatiable Greed, started to believe that the dream of playing in the NHL was indeed possible.

    "You could tell how good he was," childhood friend Joe Smith said. "He was always taking the most hot chocolate, taking all the orange slices and candy. Not a big passer, either. No, he wanted it all to himself. You could see it at an early age."

    Joe and his Greed would develop into a highly touted prospect on the frozen ponds of Ontario. But Joe and his Greed would not be able to stay in the humble surroundings forever. A scholarship offering at Cornell University was offered, and Joe's Greed could not turn it down.

    "I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I had turned it down and played in the OHL. An opportunity to learn how to operate from some of the biggest greeds in the game was one I could not pass up" Joe's Greed told

    At Cornell, Joe and his Greed would excel. Twice named to the ECAC's first All-Star team, Joe was planning to finish his degree at the Ivy League school when his Greed would talk him out of it.

    "We had been in that place for three years, and I don't know if you know this, but they don't pay you in college hockey. I was putting up all these numbers, putting seats in the stands, basically carrying the team on my back, and they refused to pay me a nickel," An animated Joe's Greed tells "They basically told me that I was getting paid in a free scholarship to an Ivy League school. The Flames had already drafted me, so I told them where to stick that free scholarship, and I went off to get paid."

    Joe and his Greed indeed had been drafted in the second round by the Calgary Flames. As a rookie coming into the league, Joe's Greed didn't have type of contract he craved, and he immediately went about trying to change that.

    "I had some rookie, entry level contract. It wasn't nearly enough for me and Joe, so I had to get him to score some goals." said Joes Greed.

    And score he did. In his first full rookie season, Joe would record 51 goals and 92 points. It was a masterful performance that he would duplicate one more time in his career, the next year. That year he scored 51 goals and 82 points, cementing his status as a National Hockey League player, and his allowing his greed to demand a contract that it felt was more in line with Joe's abilities.

    "102 goals in two years? I should have asked for the whole team. I didn't even ask for a million dollars a year. I was young and foolish, and I let the the Flames off the hook. I wouldn't do that again." Said Joe's Greed.

    Joe's career with the Flames would continue, with Joe assisting on Lanny McDonalds Stanley Cup winning goal. According to Lanny McDonalds Mustache, Joe's Greed would keep the historic puck for himself.

    "He took my puck." Said Lanny McDonalds Mustache.

    "It was my assist. The goal wouldn't have happened without me. None of it would have happened without me. It's my puck." Said Joe's Greed.

    The growth of Joe's Greed would not go unnoticed. Its expanding size and girth would start to take a toll on Joe Nieuwendyk's body. Joe's Greed would get so big and heavy that it caused Joe chronic back and knee problems.

    "It is funny, because we were making no money, Like in '92 we only made 400 grand, yet I was growing so large and so fast. They only got 22 goals outta me that year, by the way, because that is all they paid for. The following season, when they doubled my salary, which was half of what I was asking for, by the way, Joe responded by scoring 38 goals." Joe's Greed told

    Indeed, Joe did see his contract double to start the '92-'93 seasons. But it was not the raise that his Greed had been seeking, and he responded with a 38 goal, 75 point season for the Flames, and a 36 goal, 75 point campaign the following season. In light of his 90 point seasons a few years earlier, people questioned whether or not Joe was holding back a little.

    "That's the people in that city," Said Joe's Greed "They want superstar production but would they pay me? No, they wouldn't. I was young and naive when I was getting 90 points. I didn't realize that I wouldn't be paid so early in my career due to the CBA. It was a mistake to waste those seasons on a team that didn't pay for them. It wasn't Joe that took the peddle off the metal, it was me."

    During the season of 94-95, The size and scope of Joe's Greed would finally demand a resolution. Joe's Greed was getting so large by this point that It actually injured Joe, and he was sidelined with problems to his knees. His knees could not hold the weight of Joe's Greed any longer.

    "My contract was ending, and I wanted what I was worth, not a penny less. Did I care that I was the Captain of the team? Hells no. I cared about one thing, and that's the bottom line." Joe's Greed tells

    Ironically, at the end of the 95 season, Joe would win the King Clancy Memorial Trophy, an award given to hockey players who display exemplarily leadership qualities on and off the ice. Ironic, because after winning this award, Joe and his Greed would immediately hold out on the Flames organization for a new contract.

    "I wanted 2 million dollars a year. That was probably 20% of the Flames budget, but you know what, I'm worth it. I scored 102 goals in my first two years in the league, which was only 7 years removed at the time. It wasn't like they had other stars to pay or anything. It's all about me, and I knew it." Joe's Greed tells

    Joe's Greed made it clear to Joe that playing the 95 season was not going to happen unless he had a contract, and that It wouldn't accept a contract for anything less than 2 million dollars a season. The Flames were wary of giving Joe the money, due to the fact that they couldn't afford to and still ice a competitive team, but also due to the fact that Joe's Greed had wrecked Joe's knees and back, and the Flames were not sure he would hold up.

    "Baseless. If there is a dollar on the table, I am playing, bad knees or no. They know how big I am. They had nothing to worry about." Said Joe's Greed.

    Regardless of the assurances from Joe's Greed, the Flames would not accede to Joe and his Greeds demands for a new contract. Held over a barrel, they would try to negotiate with Joe and his greed for about 4 months. With the realization that Joe would not be back in a Flames jersey, the Flames traded Joe to Dallas, for a forgettable centre and one Jarome Iginla. It was the best thing that Joe ever did for the organization.
    Man, was that the best first period or what? That is the type of urgency the Flames fans have been looking for the entire year. Hard to play that way for 82, but maybe they can do it for the handfull they have left. We remain optimists at Domebeers. Anyways, A sweet check and a new addition to the wall of tribute.

    The Check:

    Simply awesome.

    The Punch (And newest member of the Wall of Tribute):

    Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    The Week Ahead

    Next week, on

    - Legends Of Flames Inaugural Edition

    - Post Season Preview

    - Flames Player Analysis

    - Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award

    Domebeers isn't up for putting the murder on the Flames today. There is plenty of murder to be handed out, and plenty of time to do it. How about some poop jokes?

    Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.