Wednesday, December 22, 2021

This Is A Saddledome Appreciation Blog, Bitches

What a beauty 

 Lets be frank: Fuck the new event centre. 

The Saddledome is iconic. It should never have even been on the table to be replaced. If indeed the Flames desired to replace it, they should have had a plan in place to privately fund the new arena. Instead, they went and partnered with a very left wing City of Calgary administration, foolishly. 

And what happened? The obvious happened. The City decided that this was an area where they could loot. The cost of the project went from $500 million to $630 million. The City told the team it couldn't honour it's original pledge to share costs of the arena with the team. And, despite the City not being able to pay it's agreed upon share of the costs, decided it was a good time to introduce design changes that were largely ceremonial (imagine still talking about climate change in the year 2021. My word, these religious maniacs).

The Flames press release on this topic is funny. If you read between the lines, which is not that difficult to do, they are basically saying they can't trust the city not to impose more and more and more costs on the team. Hell, I can't blame them. 

The Green Line disaster is about, what, 100% or more over budget? Believe me, the $500 million dollar arena would have cost $1 billion by the time this was all over, with the City probably believing it was being clever and the team would absorb all these extra costs. Bad calculation. The City has shown it can't run a lemonade stand on budget, repeatedly. Why anyone would do business with these people on long term projects is beyond me. 

In the end, however, the Saddledome gets to stay, for now at least, and that makes me happy. I am down on the Flames since they embraced their restrictive measures, so I can't say I'm shedding any tears on this news. One of the reasons I held on to my tickets was for priority for tickets at the new arena. With no new arena in sight, I wonder how many people make the calculation that holding a season ticket package is no longer worth it. Afterall, there are at least 5,000 tickets available on game day anyways, and you can often find tickets for deep discounts on secondary sights. What is the value in holding a season ticket package to a team that isn't sold out? 

Interesting times.