Tuesday, July 19, 2022


 News out today that Tkachuk is going to arbitration and how that impacts the Flames and the contract decision and blah blah blah. It appears that Tkachuk has signaled he is not signing long term. Things can change, but that is the consensus opinion currently. 

If Tkachuk goes, notwithstanding the return, the team will have lost 2/3rds of it's first line. The team couldn't get out of the second round with the two 100 point guys it's about to lose. What are the chances of winning a Cup when those guys are replaced by Mangiapane and Toffoli? Who in turn are replaced on their line by Dube and Coleman? Who are in turn replaced on the third line with who the fuck knows? 

In short, what would be the point? And that's the point, not that it isn't obvious. It's time for a complete rebuild. 

There is no point in having a Lindholm anymore. There is no point in having a Backlund anymore. There is no point in having a Toffoli or a Coleman or a Hannafin anymore. I'm not even sure they need a Kylington. 

Everybody on the roster 25 and older should be traded, if possible. 

If the goal is to win a Cup, which I am not even sure is the goal, then there is no path forward with this current group. So why keep it around?

Because the goal might just be to get to the playoffs and cash in on a few home gates. But that's not an answer I want to hear as a fan. 

Do you want Treliving handling the rebuild? I don't. It's pretty late to get someone else in here, but they should. The guy has almost 10 years and a couple of first round wins to show for it. He had his shot. This last season was his shot. He gambled, it didn't work out. That happens. I don't see why he should keep his job, though. Is there a 32 year old free agent he has to outbid everyone on or something? And why couldn't Conroy give out those stupid contracts?

To me, the goal should be to be as bad as possible next year and to take a shot at getting a high draft pick. To do this they should, again, trade off anybody over the age of 25 they can. They should be aiming to get draft picks, not players. They can take players back on bad contracts signed to term and draft picks. The goal should be to be as terrible as they can for the next three years, so they can build a band of players that mature at the same time, allowing them to take a couple of cracks at the Cup before they have to sell those guys off. 

Is there another path? Maybe. It would depend on cap space, but signing a couple of the currently available free agent wingers and the big name centre would have to be it. Not sure I see the Flames being able to pull that off. But if you lose Tkachuk and Ratboy and replace them with Kadri, Niederreiter, and Kessel or something, that might keep the Flames competitive enough. 

I guess we have another month of this "will he or won't he" drama to sit through until we find out.  

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