Monday, July 25, 2022

Memo: If You Are Saying "At Least Tkachuk Handled It The Right Way" You Need To Go Cheer For Another Team

 Like, I hate to throw around my weight as the absolute Pope of Flames Fandom, I try to use my power sparingly, it's an awesome power so it should be wielded only when absolutely necessary to maintain it's grandeur and majesty, this everyone understands. But holy fuck some of you clowns out there need to give your heads a shake. Praising Tkachuk? For forcing his way out? 

He's not going to sleep with you, guys. Stop simping. 

There is pretty good comment on CP: 

"Might as well throw Adam Fox in the conversation too. Scouts knew he was unlikely to play for a small market and was looking to play in NY. What a respectful guy, letting the organization know his intentions from the beginning. Very respectful, giving the Flames so much notice. Apparently around here, giving ample notice is the ultimate sign of respect and honor and dignity and legacy and reputation and blah blah blah."

Which I agree with. This guy has been signaling his intention to bolt since we drafted him. It's nice that he didn't play the most absolute form of hardball he could have played, I guess. But still...fuck this guy. 

Also, I like how John Rat Boy was made fun of over not being a winning player or not caring about winning because he signed with Columbus but Tkachuk fleeing to anonymity in Florida is about wanting to win. Like...I bet the Panthers have more fans in Canada than they do in Florida. He was fleeing the spotlight. If it was about wanting to win, well, he just left a team that had a pretty good season. 

Guy is a total fraud. Good riddance. Take a hike, eh.

As for the return...I'm less than thrilled. I see people praising Treliving for trading a RFA for two UFA's and I kinda scratch my head. All this guy did was trade a guy who because of contract minutia would have been difficult to trade at the deadline for a couple of guys he could trade at the deadline. Big whoop. You deferred the problem, but the problem is still there. 

Apparently the french winger we traded for was having a difficult negotiation with Florida. Gee golly Brad is such wizard for being able to get that guy! I would bet the story with the defenceman is the same, he was asking for more money than Florida was going to give him. I guess it's ok for short term, like, really short term. Still, you would have liked to fleece a team and get back someone under contract for a few seasons. 

Does anybody think this team has the guts to trade these guys if we are in a playoff position but they aren't signed? So we traded one year of Tkachuk for one year of a LW and a D...if your big concern was "how can we let these guys walk for nothing????" I'm not sure this trade really alleviates that worry.

But we shall see, I guess. Maybe Brad gets them signed. 

Would still like to see this team sign Kadri. Capfriendly has us with about 9 million in cap space left, so not sure that is actually doable anymore, with the team needing to sign Mangiapane and Kylington. 

You know what would make me think Brad is a wizard? If he could make Monahan and Lucic's contracts disappear. Not holding my breath on that one.

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