Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Johnny Rotten

Look at what Rat Bot paid someone to write on his behalf: This shlock.

Fuck this twat. Can you believe this? Like, fuck off Rat Boy. Tell Yoko to suck a dick, too. 

This guy knew he wasn't going to sign an extension in Calgary since at least 2018. This bullshit about "I wanted to sign an extension last summer..." Ok Rat Boy, why didn't you then? The Flames offered one. Why didn't you sign it if you wanted to? Fuck you and your Jersey washed out stripper trash looking mother. 

And what is even sadder than Rat Boy getting his PR guy to write this pernicious pablum is that some idiots in this city are buying it. Go look at the calgarypuck forum. "Oh Johnny said he liked us so all is forgiven". Like, what the fuck? Why is our fanbase infested with these vermin. 

Idiots, let me spell this out for you: John Rat Boy knew he wasn't going to sign long term. He then gave interviews where he said he was very open to signing long term. That makes him Rat Boy. Rat Boy then had his agent go back and forth with the Flames negotiating a contract he knew he would never sign. That makes him Rat Boy. The Flames, being negotiated with, assumed there was a chance he would re-sign with them. He led them on. Like a Rat Boy. Then, the scuttlebutt goes, he gave the Flames a ultimatum during negotations, he said to them "Here is the final offer, take it or leave it" and the Flames said "Ok we surrender we agree to all your terms" and then he said "Lol naw", which, say it with me, is what makes Rat Boy, Rat Boy. 

What is hard about this to understand? Rat Boy led the Flames on knowing full well he was NEVER going to re-sign here. He knew this back to at least 2018 when his dad had a heart attack. 

Fuck Rat Boy. Fuck his wife. Fuck his mother. Fuck Guy. Fuck the entire family. Why people are going "Gee willy I guess he didn't fuck the franchise because he paid some fucktard to write a players tribune article saying he wants to visit one day in the future all is forgiven gee golly"? 

Can't wait to boo the shit out of this little turd when he comes back. Hopefully he cries. AND FOR FUCK SAKES DON'T SELL HIM ANY MORE COCAINE WHEN HE COMES BACK TO CALGARY. He's revoked. 

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