Monday, July 18, 2022

Johnny Hockey Left Because Of Trudeau's Covid Policy, Duh.

 It has been a few days since John RATBOY Gaudreau (or however it's spelled) chose to leave the Flames and sign with an american team, and people seem to still be trying to figure out why. 

Really? It's not that hard to figure out. John is married to a yankee, will have a yankee baby, and wants to raise the baby as a yankee. That's hard enough to do if he is living in the land of the Loyalists, and it's especially hard to do if (when) the Tyrant re-imposes useless lockdowns and travel restrictions. 

So his choice was re-sign in Calgary and be apart from his family for the majority of the year after the lockdowns get re-imposed (which...listen, in year 3 of the marriage he may be wishing he took that deal) or sign somewhere in the USA and just eliminate that complication completely. 

Now he is a rat because he must have known he wasn't coming back to Canada at some point before the last hour of free agency and declined to share that with the team. And if the rumours are true that he actually was negotiating with the Flames and then the Flames met all his asks and he still said no, that makes him like a super king rat. I'll be booing him when he plays here. 

But the reason he left is quite simple. He couldn't trust that Canada wouldn't go crazy again over the flu. I can't blame him for thinking that way. 

I can blame him for not being explicit to the team. It's also the teams fault for not being able to smell a rat (so to speak) and letting him get to free agency. But as to why he left? Let's not be naïve. It was the threat of border closures and travel restrictions due to hysteria over wu flu. Why people have to pretend otherwise is beyond me. 

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