Thursday, July 21, 2022

Is This Just A Bluff?

 I know a lot of people were like 'You put a deadline day down and if they don't negotiate by the deadline then you trade him" after the Rat Boy debacle. I wonder if that's just what happened here. Treliving put a deadline on Tkachuk that wasn't a real deadline, and Tkachuk called his bluff. 

The real deadline is that arbitration date, which I guess is anywhere from next week until mid august. Not sure when the teams themselves find out when their go date is. I would assume someone from the league would let the actual teams know before they let the public know, but who knows, you know. 


Despite the pining for the rebuild, I don't think it is happening, realistically. The team has too much infrastructure to just blow it all up in a cap world. The team will continue to try to win, is what I assume will happen. 

Whether Tkachuk's trade list is accurate or not, there are only so many teams with cap space as of todays date. I think the Flames trade targets are going to be picks, prospects (ie players under team salary control), or perhaps some star for star swap. If the team goes for picks and prospects, that limits who they can trade the guy to. If they do a star for star swap, that opens it up, by why would a team swap a star for a star? Teams would want to add Tkachuk to their star, not do a swap. Unless of course their star wants out as well. 

I just don't see it. I don't follow the league enough to know every star everywhere. Maybe there is drama going down in other markets. No idea. 

But if the number for Tkachuk starts with a 9 at the minimum, or somewhere around there, that eliminates a lot of teams. There are 12 teams as of today who have at least 9 million in cap space. Only five of those 12 are in the Eastern conference. New Jersey, Detroit, the Islanders, Ottawa, and Buffalo. 

The reason Tkachuk wants out has not been stated. I would assume it is the border issue, but who knows. It is probably that or money. If it's the border, then Ottawa is out. Of those teams remaining, none of them were very close to making the playoffs. Like, 20 points out and shit. The closest of those would be the Islanders. 

Not sure what the Islanders have, but they could absorb the cap hit and we wouldn't have to take back any cap. They have all their picks in the upcoming drafts. Trading good players for lottery tickets isn't the smartest thing in the world, but Kadri is still available. I know he said he wanted to go to a contender but same situation, no contenders have cap space besides the Flames. 

I wonder if the play here is to trade Tkachuk to the Islanders for draft capital, use cap space to sign Kadri and another winger, and keep trying to stay in the mix. With Monahan and Lucic coming off the books after this season anyway, I don't think that cripples you going forward. 

As of today they Flames have about 18 million in cap. I guess the Mangiapane and Kylington RFA contract stuff muddies the waters a bit, if you can keep those two to under 10 million in cap you might have enough room to sign Kadri. Who knows. 

That team wouldn't be so terrible. You'd have centre depth. I actually wouldn't mind it at all. 

Lindholm, Kadri, Backlund down the middle is pretty good. You got enough wingers to survive. The backend is decent, and Markstrom is respectable on paper. Not the worst Flames team every assembled. 

Even if Tkachuk is bluffing, I think I would rather that team (ie: with Kadri). 

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