Thursday, September 2, 2021

OMG Flames Go Full POZ

 Jesus, as if this team could not get any gayer (looking at you, Noah).

I figure this shit is mandated by corporate, like Bettman makes them do it. Because everyone knows the audience that really loves hockey are homosexuals and mentally ill men in dresses. Well...wait...actually hockey does have that weird homosexual pedophile problem. Maybe I'm the one who is out to lunch on this.

Anyway, all the designs are super gay. Except this one, this one I like. Has a good vibe:

I'm not giving up early 90's running suit colours to the fags. Sorry. It's a hill I'll die on. Those colours work. This is the flag of the Super Straights now. 

It is kinda funny the Flames are running the state mandated pride shit because Murray Edwards wife was a lesbian and she left his fat ugly ass for...K.D. Lang. She has a type. 

(K.D. Lang is Domebeers approved by the way. We like her. We respect Game in these here parts, Heather Edwards is a hot piece of ass.)

It's actually worse than I thought. I went to Oilers twitter account, no gay shit at all on their, besides a picture of Nurse and his weird ass looking face, know. Bathhouse alert.

Senators: No gay shit.

Jets: No gay shit.

Canucks: You'd think...but you'd be wrong. No gay shit at all. 

Very very suspect Calgary. Nenshi running the social media account?

Toronto, who fires people who don't want to sleep with men in dresses or whatever: No gay shit. 

Habs: No gay shit 

We are literally the gayest team in the NHL. A quick twitter search (I googled the gay markets) shows nobody is doing this stuff...other than San Jose. And we are getting gayer with it than San Jose, where the gay programmers live. Not even Pittsburgh is doing it, and Burke, whose kids all turned out POZ, is running that show. Makes ya think. 

Can I request the Flames make the HIV's show proof of vaccination to get in the building, or is that a step too far??

Anyway...please trade for someone good? Eichel, Hertel, who ever. Trade futures and some bottom six cap hits (Coleman?) for a good top six player. That would be nice, I think. 

Poor Monahan looks like he is being held hostage.

Exit question: What Cher song do the Flames use as the goal song this year?