Monday, November 1, 2021

Eric Francis Notices Only 15, 319 Went To The Calgary Flames Halloween Game

The poor attendance numbers to the Flames games feels like it should be a bigger story than it is. I get that the sports media job is to drive ticket sales to the games, so talking about it would be counter-productive, but still. 4,000 people not showing up to the game, when the team is on a big win streak and playing good hockey, seems like it should be a thing worth noting. 

Eric Francis notes it with a one line throwaway sentence in his game story. 15,319 people apparently went to the game. I was there (with my extremely hot African GF, who enjoyed the game, which tells you just how entertaining the team is playing) and there were whole sections that were empty. 

Why? Well, with the team playing well it probably is either people think the ticket is too much, which it is, lets be frank, or it's because of the vaccine mandate. I guess maybe it's because people are still wary of the team based on how last year went, but they are number one in their division right now, so that seems like the least likely. 

If this keeps up I can't see how it won't become a bigger story, leaking from this unread blog which noticed it first to the seen media. How could it not? Attendance has collapsed. 

Hopefully this results in the Flames putting pressure on Kenney to end this silly mandate. Can you imagine how it will look after the QR code only requirement goes into effect on November 15th and extremely handsome people like myself are no longer able to talk their way into the game? I bet it goes to 10,000 people in the stands. 

Hey would you look at that, the Dallas Mavericks have ended their vaccinated only entry requirement. No doubt owing to the collapse of attendance at Maverick games. That's wild. That's also what we like to call 'political cover'. Hopefully this madness is over by Christmas. 

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