Friday, November 5, 2021

Another Day, Another Calgary Flames Home Game Where 5,000 People Choose Not To Attend

 The Flames continue to have about 5,000 people not show up to games. I went yesterday, it was my birthday. The vaccine checker didn't even check my card, and my date walked in with me just flashing her phone screen, which the guy didn't even bother to scan. 

Seems kinda funny. Vaccine fatigue. 

I also didn't see Harvey there. Kinda disappointing. And instead of a kiss cam they are doing a mask cam. It's as lame as it sounds. 

And where are the big titty cowboy girls? I demand the reinstatement of the big titty cowboy girls. They have the ice girls wearing sweat pants and sweat shirts now. It's disgusting.

All in all, the team isn't doing much to counteract the building missing 5,000 people. Whoever runs entertainment at the Dome should be fired, she's going a terrible job. 

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