Wednesday, November 24, 2021

15,464 People Show Up To The Flames Game

Wow, I'm actually a little surprised. I thought they would do like a twelve thousand number, due to the QR code thing. They don't appear to have had any less people than they did when they didn't require the QR code.

For comparison, the last home game, before they switched to QR only, they drew 14,090 people. The game before that, the Ranger game (on a Saturday IIRC) drew 15,879 people. 

We will see how the rest of the homestand goes, but my hypothesis that attendance would further collapse with the imposition of a QR vax pass seems to be under attack right now. 

They are still missing four thousand people from the stands, but they were missing four thousand people with the easy to fake vax passport requirement for entry. There doesn't appear, again it's one game, but there doesn't appear to be a drastic change in attendance.

Perhaps I was the only handsome guy talking his way into the building? 

Is it 'The Economy, Stupid', after all? Is it fear of large crowds? Is it residual damage left from the disaster that was last season? Where did the missing four thousand go? 

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