Monday, August 16, 2021

They Are Literally Arguing Over The GM's Use Of The Word 'Process' On The Flames Forum Board

 Do you see what you are doing to us, Brad? Do you see? (RED DRAGON GUY VOICE: DO YOU SEE?)

I gotta admit, it's the smoke. The smoke plus 30 degrees is the environment that we are all dying through right now. It makes people crazy, like, crazy crazy. You know why everyone everywhere else is crazy? Because it's 40 degrees all the time and it fries their brains. We aren't used to it, so 3 weeks of 30 is enough for us to suffer the same effects. 

My neighbours got in a fight the other day while I was out enjoying a cigar in my backyard. Neighbour 1 was listening to music and had their kids out playing, so they were obviously doing what kids will do when they are having fun (be loud). Neighbour 2 was sitting on her front steps having a meltdown on the phone to her landlord about how everything in the house was broken or some shit. Neighbour 2 just starts going off, screaming "Tell your fucking kids to shut the fuck up", which is hilarious. Neighbour 1 totally no sold it, pretended they didn't hear, which is even more hilarious. Just fun times. It's the heat.

Anyways...the city is tense. People are at each others throats. For various reasons (prog regime fucking everything up obvs). The Flames, for whatever reason, seem to be able to cheer the city up. We all know how the city gets when they are winning. More business is done, people are more optimistic. Treliving should make a move (it should be Eichel but...) just to boost the spirits of the city. 

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