Thursday, August 26, 2021

LOL: Flames Front Office Ranks 24th In NHL In Some Survey

 My initial thought was, "That high?" 

Can you tell I'm not happy with what the team did in the offseason? Anyway, I have some more evidence in support of the shitty ranking. 

As you may have heard, the Flames went full Branch Covidian and decided you needed to take one of these shitty ineffective vaccines if you wanted to watch the shitty ineffective team. Kinda stupid, I'm not for it, but whatever. The funny thing is if you email these jokers over at the Flames, they will tell you with a straight face that they have no idea about any of the details about this announced policy. Like, I hope they are lying to me when they say that, but holy shit I could see this team going full ROR-offer-sheet-mode, not doing any of the basic work, and totally fucking this up. Hopefully they have left themselves exposed to a lawsuit or something. Fuck these guys.

Honestly, imagine running a business, announcing a policy change, and when people ask you for the details about said policy, something as simple as "What constitutes proof, what documents should I bring to the 'Dome to get in?", they reply "lolshrug we haven't really thought about it lol". 

Does that breed trust? Like, does that make you think the people running the team know what the fuck they are doing? It doesn't inspire confidence in me, to say the least. 

If these guys didn't have Sutter employed, there would be exactly zero people employed there that I would take their word for when they told me the sky was blue. The Coyote crew amateur's act has gotten really stale. 

I mean, lets be real. They are demanding, no matter what your own personal health profile is, that you go get a vaccine that has shown to be, at the very least, highly dubious when it comes to actual effectiveness. The disease that has a 99% survival rate is a scary thing if you are old, fat, or sick. Why not just require every old, fat, and sick person to provide proof of vaccination if they want to go to a game? Why do they have to bother me, someone who is young (29 going on 29!), healthy (I work out now, pretty g), and not sick (no diabetes, what with not being a fat slob and all that)?  Have they even thought about this? Do you think the people who run the Flames are even capable of thinking? I question it.

So, yeah, 24th? 24th in fan confidence in the front office? How the fuck did they get ranked so high?

How about this: Go trade for Eichel, and then we can talk about getting the vaccine to see the team. Otherwise, I guess I'm going to miss out watching the race for 10th place live, as I'll be sending all my tickets to charity this year. Poor kids. 

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