Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Women Sleep Better With Dogs

Who was that guy on twitter? "White women fuck dogs" guy?

Maybe he was right.

Some study purports that women sleep better with a dog by their side than with a 'human'. As a dog owner, I can't disagree with this, anecdotally it seems correct.

I mean, I think. I don't let women spend the night at my place (If you let them sleep over, they will want to get married, so I don't let them sleep over). So I'm not sure about the 'sleeping next to a human' part.

But the dog part makes sense. I know I have a harder time sleeping if my dog isn't in my bed (new dog guys, don't let your dog sleep in your bed. It creates a bad habit for the dog. I have a jewish brain and can charm my way out of any negative consequences of my dog refusing to leave the bed during sex. Can you?). I miss her snores if she's not there.

Isn't that a weird quirk of the brain? Like, when you are alone in your bed, arguably you have the most optimal conditions for good sleep. But if you are used to sleeping with someone or something else in your bed, their absence will prevent you from sleeping well, despite the conditions for a good sleep being better.

Eh, I just wanted to write something, and I figured I'd spare you the story about a chimp being pimped out.

Have a date with a 19 year old on Friday. Taking her to the game. If she doesn't flake. Hate making dates more than a few days out.

I'm supposed to fly out to Regina a the end of December to spend a week having sex with an 18 year old I met the other weekend. I don't like that I bought tickets to go see her. In reflection, it seems like a chump move. Makes me look very desperate for sex. So I'm going to cancel the tickets. If she flies out to me, fine, if not, wasn't meant to be. There is always more pussy out there.


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