Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Calgary Flames Will Win The Western Conference, And Then The Stanley Cup. You Heard It Here First.

You know me. I don't make these predictions lightly.

But it is so obvious that even I can see it. The Calgary Flames are the best team in the NHL. Period.

They have scoring, they have depth, and David Rittich is the best goalie to ever goalie, or at least he will be this year. What happens when you have scoring, depth, and goaltending?

You win Stanley Cups, that's what happens.

It's simply math. The Flames have the formula. At this point it's just...I don't have the word for it. When something is obviously going to happen but you still have to run the experiment. If someone has the word, please let me know.

Sorry, I have the word. It's Fate.

Again, I don't make this prediction lightly. But you look at the numbers, and then you factor in the fact we should have three or four more wins but don't, because of Mike Smith. It is what it is. Don't hate, appreciate.

The Flames are a top team in the league. Now you add in the goaltending. Fait accompli, same as I tell the french girls after they ask how they fell for a guy like me.

And this Rittich guy...he's like oppo Kipper. Euro, but gregarious. He's giving me the tingles, not afraid to admit.

So I'm smitten with this team. It's the best. Plan the parade. You dig?

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.

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