Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Never Use Condoms

Like, ever.

You shouldn't even have them in your home. I used to keep a bowl full of them by my bed, and then chicks who would have let me fuck them raw started demanding I use them. Why? Because they saw them by the bed. So now I keep some in my sock drawer. I shouldn't even do that. Just don't own them.

I can't even stay hard if I'm wearing a condom. Well, I can, but I have to start rough fucking the girl. And how do you go ass to mouth if you are wearing a condom? So just don't wear them.

Also, chicks hate them. They won't tell you because 'women', but all chicks love it when you bust in them or on them. You aren't suppose to be using your real name anyways, who cares if you get them pregnant?

But the real reason you should never use condoms is because the fucking Chi Coms have scammed the market by recycling used condoms and then re-selling them.

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