Thursday, November 1, 2018

I Missed This: The Calgary Flames Run A Charity Scam

This story is a couple days old but I've been skirt chasing so...

The Flames are running a scam charity.

Now, as I always say, all charities are scams. I tell my clients this when they bring me in their donation receipts. Scams all the way down. Every one. Don't give to registered charities. Give charity, by all means. That's a mitzvah. But don't give your money to a registered charity if you are expecting it to actually go to helping people. Help people yourself.

I give money to food banks, myself.

Anyway, of the eight sport charities that were looked at (mostly hockey based) the Calgary Flames did the worst in terms of actual money spent on charity. The explanation that the guy running Flames Foundation gave was absolutely terrible, and so I am surprised this story doesn't have legs. The guy running the charity basically said they stash the cash in case something happens. LOL.

Spend the fucking money. If you raise 4 million dollars in money, and the overhead is half a million, then spend the rest. The guy running Flames Foundation says, with a straight face, that by allocating the money to a reserve fund (you guys think the Flames make interest off that?) it's the same as spending it on charity. Which is fucking retarded.

I've been a season ticket holder for 4 or 5 years now. Every year they send you a little book about all the good the Flames Foundation does. Every year I have been underwhelmed. It seems they always spend about a million dollars. They raise much more than this. The team itself makes a lot more than this. So while a million dollars a year is a lot, it's a pittance compared to what they could be giving out.  This year, for instance, they could have given out, according to the article, three million.

Basically, don't give money to the Flames Foundation if you don't have to.

Furthermore I think Derek Wills should be fired.

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