Friday, November 30, 2018

Banging The 19 Year Old Was A Mistake, Kinda

Your humble hero did indeed take down the 19 year old yesterday.

Quick background: Don't remember where I met her, bumble or tinder or real life. Met her about a year ago when she was 18. I like young chicks. Fuck off. Anyway, we talked, we flirted, but we didn't fuck. As I recall I don't think we went on a date even, she flaked. Maybe we went on one. Anyway, I had her in my phone, and every few months I would send her a text, like a corny one line joke, stuff like that. But I'm not a creepy nice guy, so I made it pretty clear I wanted to fuck.

She'd indulge in flirting but never go out. She'd always back out last minute. A 'time waster' is what I dub these women. So I didn't waste time on her.

This week she texted me some lame one liners out of the blue. I knew the score right away. I didn't ask. Maybe I should have asked, but asking is weakness and women, like dogs, can smell weakness. You gotta be cool, daddio. So I was cool, and she ended up in my bed yesterday.


It's my fault. I hadn't had any pussy for over a month. My birthday ended up in a threesome I slept through, after all. I wanted some gushie. She was offering gushie. Like am moron, I took it. I should have screened much harder.

Why? I think you can guess why. She's 19 and new. I'm 33 and know what I'm doing. Guess.

Yup. She's in love.

At some point during the evening she got on to my phone. I don't password it, because I don't mind girls looking through my phone. I'm not married, and them seeing I have other options has only ever worked out in my favour. But there can be a downside. That downside is she discovers your, say, instagram account.

Because she might discover your instagram account and you might wake up the next morning to having a girl comment on all your posts, for the world to see. A world that included girls. A world that included girls you are gaming.

So as you might imagine, I have spent this morning fielding texts from various girls. Which is a great way to spend the morning.

I have an 18 year old in Regina who I bang who is very curious as to who this other girl is, for example.


It actually is funny. I'm laughing while I type this. Just a warning to the fellas though.


While this chick was clearly in to me, so YMMV, I did the 'your fat' thing to this girl as my pre fucking text flirting. When she would send me nudes or sexy pics this week I would text back 'Lose 10 pounds by friday"

The girl is not fat. She protested out loud, but she must have liked it. Try it out if you think you can pull it off. It's not a rookie line, be warned.

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