Monday, October 29, 2018

The Communists Killed The Olympics...Huh?

Like all good tax payers, I did not want Calgary to pay for the Winter Olympics. Number one, it's too much, number two, it's a invitation for corruption, and number three, the people charged with planning it were nincompoops.

So imagine my surprise to find out that, essentially, hopefully, mercifully, the bid is dead.

And it seems to be not from the efforts of people opposed to the Games, but rather through the efforts of the people who actually want the Games. In short, the games being planned by the local morons, from the mayor on down, has resulted in a killed bid. Amazing.

Between Nenshi, Notley, Trudeau, and the IOC, the city had the perfect storm of dummies 'working' for our behalf. And thank the lord that we did. Because of them the city, hell, the nation, just saved 4 billion dollars.

The commies, Nenshi, Notley, and Trudeau, killed the bid because they got tight in the pockets. You couldn't write this shit. They've never had a project they didn't want to throw money at...until now. I'm giggling.

This is an amazing, amazing development.


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