Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Reminder: You Are Either Actively Fighting The Communists, Or You Are Collaborating With Them

That's it. The title of this post is what I wanted to say. Remember.

I don't even care how old the Benny Benassi Public Enemy remix is, I bump to that shit.

I added this sri lankan dude to my dodgeball team because I thought it would be an in to the sri lankan girls. This dude claims he doesn't know any. Pathetic. I can't even with the whites or the asians anymore.

I bumbled a black chick with huge titties, hopefully she sends me a message. That's it. Nothing else.

I had a girl over on the weekend and she gave me a rimjob, which is pretty hot, because it is so nasty. Nasty ass girl was mad I didn't call her the next day. I'm supposed to want to wife a girl I met on the internet who ate my ass the first time we fucked? Women.

I just googled if Phil Collins was dead. He isn't. Good news. Love 'I can't dance'.

Actually I take it back. White girls who can shuffle dance are better than hindu chicks. But they need to have pigtails. That's the law, Cremshaw.

Maybe get a blister on your thumb.


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