Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Go Shit On Calgary Politicians Attempt To Steal Our Money For A Vanity Project

The would be thieves have a website set up to 'hear' from the citizenry about the looting of the treasury under the guise of the olympics.

Go shit on it.

My suggestion? Say something like: We could be spending this money on libraries! The 'yes we want to burn our money on a pile' crowd hate that shit.

Remember, use judo. The 'yes' crowd are cucks. So use the shit cucks love as a negative against the olympics.


- We could be using this money to heal the wounds of the aboriginal community

- This money could be better used furthering the integration of woman and minorities into the fabric of society

- I'd rather see this money used to enhance the experience of the LGBT community

- The environmental impact of the games will take mother earth centuries to recover from

- Rather than use this money to throw a party for the rich, this money could be used to help the poor

You know, shit like that. Make them choose between their fake pious bullshit and their desire for the olympics. I think it's a good tactic.

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