Thursday, October 4, 2018

Calgary Flames Post: Welp, That Was A Disaster

I don't know if I'm going to do this every game, but I'll do one for the opener. What the hell was that?

Like, I want this coach fired after one game. What the hell was that? If he doesn't bag skate these fuckers...

I mean, they could have hired Darryl Sutter. Fuck.

And what the fuck was going on with the powerplay? After last season, where the powerplay was fucking shit, you'd think the number one priority would be to bring in someone who can plan a fucking powerplay. These guys spent a fucking period on the powerplay and couldn't score. The fuck!

There are better teams than Vancouver, the Flames know that, right?

The lines were fucking weird. Why the hell do you sign a scorer in James Neal and then play him on the third line? With fucking a rookie!

I don't know, there seems to be a lot of pussy-itus still left on this team, after the team made a loud and public effort to get rid of the pussy-itus on the team.

I thought Burke had a good point on the TV yesterday, if you want to be a tough team, you need to ice guys who can be tough. If you want a deterrent to the other team hitting your fancy players, you need a player who can scare them. The Flames don't have any players like that. OK, that's not the end of the world. The deterrent then can't be physical. The deterrent has to be the ability to score on the powerplay. And these fuckers can't do that.


I liked the european we got from Carolina. I thought he was ok. He looks like a guy who can take the puck away and wants to make plays. I don't see how that works on a line with 13 and 23. He doesn't look like a goal scorer.

I think I'd go with Lindholm with Neal and Backlund. And I'd play Tkachuk with 13 and 23. Frolik with the two new guys, and Jankowksi with Bennett and...who the fuck is the last forward? Whoever it is. Dube I guess. That's me though.

Just one game though.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.

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